Get Snuggly with Saranoni

Get Snuggly with Saranoni

I never imagined myself becoming so particular about something like a blanket, but here we are.

I am currently snuggled up in my Christmas present to myself: a Camel XL Lush Throw Blanket from Saranoni. Worth. Every. Penny. I would be happy with a Saranoni in every size and color. The quality and luxury is unmatched, and I sing their praises constantly!

Lush Blankets

The Saranoni Mini blankets were one of the first purchases I made for my girls. They are the perfect size to use as car seat blankets and keep baby snug as a bug. As your little one grows, they make a great security blanket to snuggle up. The signature lush material makes it absolutely irresistible.

If you want to feel like you're wrapped up in the coziest hug you've ever experienced, the XL Throw Blankets are for you! The are perfectly weighted and warm. I have one that lives on my couch and one that lives on my bed that I sleep with every night. Can you tell I'm obsessed? The colors are rich and absolutely gorgeous, and they add comfort and elegance to any room.

Bamboni Blankets

Bamboni blankets are lightweight and fluffy, but in true Saranoni fashion, they are still silky soft and inviting. They're a big hit with all ages! Just imagine snuggling a cloud.

Muslin Quilts

Saranoni offers more than lush blankets. Their muslin quilts are soft and scrumptious in their own way! My daughters sleep with their quilts every night. They are breathable and provide the perfect amount of warmth in every season.

Saranoni has a blanket that covers (literally!) everyone in your family. You'll find the perfect style and size for you and your family in store or at

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