Get the Latest Shoe Styles with Piper Finn Shoes

Get the Latest Shoe Styles with Piper Finn Shoes

At first glance, infant and toddler shoes make you squeal with delight because they're "so wittle!!!" In reality, though, choosing the right pair of shoes for your infant or toddler can be nothing short of a nightmare. If you thought shoe shopping was hard for you, wait until your kids start needing shoes.

Piper Finn Toddler Shoes - Pink Dots

Baby Shoe Struggles

First, you've got to find a shoe that works for multiple occasions, and for all that is holy, please let them be easy to put on. There's nothing worse than having to tackle a wriggly toddler while you breathlessly try and open up a too-tight shoe to shove onto their beefy little feet. But I digress.

Second, baby shoes are often all style and no substance, meaning they either are truly uncomfortable, or they don't work well for actual walking (go figure), or they don't seem to last long under all they endure at the hands of your baby. So obviously, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind as you look for the perfect infant/toddler shoes.

Piper Finn Toddler Shoes - Mustard Stripe

Luckily, folks at The Baby Cubby have your back on this one (don't we always?) by offering a completely new lineup of stylish and walking-savvy shoes for babies to toddlers. All you have to do is decide which one(s) are your favorite before buying!

Design, Design, Design

As with anything, baby shoes and the way they look can be deceiving. A simple design might scream style and practicality, but the real test is whether your toddler can wear them and continue on with life as usual. Thankfully, our fresh lineup of Piper Finn Shoes provides a thoughtful design to combat every baby shoe issue. Here are the best parts:
  • The soft sole, for crawlers and new walkers, makes it easy to feel and maneuver while protecting tiny feet
  • The hard sole is protective enough for real walkers, but still soft enough to not be a bother
  • The wide hole is ideal for young and round feet--easy to put-on and take-off
  • The stretch-looped laces allow plenty of movement while keeping shoes snugly on feet
  • Soft 100% leather offers both comfort and breathability
With all of these winning traits, there's not much standing between you and baby shoe bliss.

Color Me Happy

Piper Finn Toddler Shoes - Stone Grey Oxford

The color selections are also something to celebrate, since you can always find a color fit for a fancy or casual event. Here are the latest and greatest color styles you'll find at The Baby Cubby:

  • Ebonee Oxford
  • Stone Gray Oxford
  • Nautical Oxford
  • Mustard Stripe
  • Pink Dots

Dress up an outfit or add a classic look to your baby's wardrobe. Best of all, each style and color works for multiple events for boys and girls. No matter what, your baby can always have stylin' kicks that won't hurt their feet or prevent them from having a good time.

Piper Finn Toddler Shoes - Nautical Oxford

And really, isn't that all we want from a pair of shoes? I know I'd love to find that balance in some dressy heels...I'll keep dreaming. Until then, I'm going to invest in these adorable shoes to achieve that modern take on a classic look for my babies.

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