Going on a Day Trip with Baby? Then You Need This!

Going on a Day Trip with Baby? Then You Need This!

For mamas on the go there is nothing better than having an easy to grab snack or drink for your littles. Whether you're in the car, at the pool, or grocery shopping there is nothing worse than pulling out a lukewarm bottle of milk, or some melted fruit snacks. Thankfully, there's a better way to make sure our littles have what they need for when we're on the go: bottle bags! These handy little things will keep your drinks and snacks dry, at the perfect temperature, and easy for you to get to.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Bottle Butler

These cuties in Secrets of Salvador and Relaxing in Rimini are the perfect place to hold your babe's bottles when your bag is full of diapers, extra clothes, his favorite toys, a beach towel, the kitchen sink... you get the idea. You can clip them on to your bag, so you won't be digging through your black pit of a diaper bag. It's also insulated, and is big enough to fit one large bottle or two small ones. These bags are easy to clean inside and out, and even work great for little snacks!

Skip Hop Grab & Go Double Bottle Bag

Hearts is the perfect way to describe how we feel about this double bottle bag that can fit two full sized baby bottles or cups, or can double as your little one's lunch box for the day. It's insulated design makes sure you won't deal with any warming up or cooling down for up to four hours, so it's perfect for when you're out and about! It's the perfect size to carry with you either in your diaper bag, or better yet keep it out so you can get to it easily.

Let's make life a little easier, and have a place that we can keep our kid's snacks and drinks without worrying. Look into these bottle bags if you're trying to live a little more stress free, mamas. XO

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