Goumi Mitts

Goumi Mitts

So your baby scratched his face again, huh?

His little razor blade fingernails are pretty much the arch nemesis of all that is good and holy. 

That's probably why when your little one's hands get anywhere near his precious little face, you strike out with lightning fast reflexes to prevent disaster.

Am I being dramatic? Probably.

But once you've heard the heartbreaking cry of a newborn who just left a mean red scratch down his cheek, you will do anything to keep it from happening again.

So what's the best practice to keep their little faces safe from their own claws? 


Keep Them Trimmed

Fridababy NailFrida Snipper Clipper and S - Shaped File

You'll want to make sure you're clipping those nails. And I know, I know. Ask any mama around and she'll tell you that this is one heck of a scary chore. What if you clip their finger off?!

Well take a deep breath, grab a good pair of baby-sized clippers, and keep those things short. Babies are born with nails that are paper thin and soft, which cause super sharp edges. Some mamas have also found that filing down the sharp edges cuts down on scratches.

You'll be surprised at how fast they grow, too! This mama's advice? Make it a part of your weekly routine to clip them. It works best to clip them when your baby is nursing, sleeping, or when she's relaxed after a bath. 


Tubby Todd All Over Ointment - Fragrance Free

Newborns do not have the greatest skin. You'll find that around the 2-3 month mark they start to lose some of that baby acne, and the sweet baby-soft cheeks show up. But for some babes, the dry skin and eczema sticks around, and this can cause your little ones to try and rub and scratch their face for relief.

Make sure that you're keeping babe's face clean, dry, and moisturized. It's an extra step that's well worth the time! Use mild soap and water for cleaning, and a natural, fragrance-free lotion to keep her skin from getting dry and irritated. The Tubby Todd All Over Ointment is a godsend for dry baby skin. It will not disappoint.

Keep Them Comfortable

Little Unicorn Single Cotton Swaddle - Bison

You'll find that your babe scratches himself when he's falling asleep, waking up, or getting agitated because he's hungry. In short, this sums up about 75% of his day. Make sure not to wait until he is starving to feed him. You'll see signs that he's getting hungry once he starts shifting his body like he's trying to get comfortable. You'll want to act quick cause the hands to the face comes next.

If you want to avoid the rush to get him fed before he starts rubbing his face, you can swaddle him up! Not every babe likes to be swaddled, so this may not be a great option for your little one. But, especially for bed time, the swaddle will be your bff. Keeping her arms/hands pinned in a comfy swaddle blankie is an easy, no-fuss way to keep those faces scratch-free. Plus everyone loves a cute, swaddled baby. Everyone.

If All Else Fails, Cover Them Up

Goumikids Mitts - Size 0-3 Months - Drops (Grey)

So you've tried everything else and are still seeing scratches and red patches on the face? Time to get down with some mittens, mama. Mittens are an easy, and freaking adorable, way to keep their hands covered and still allow them to use their arms.

But if you're anything like the average mama, you've purchased several pair of mittens and been frustrated beyond belief because they do. not. stay. on. It's like they all have a pact to not work correctly, or something?!

Well say bye-bye to those don't-get-the-job-done-mittens, mamas. Goumikids Goumimitts are the real deal!

They're soft, cozy, and comfortable for your little one to wear all day. They come in sizes *gasp* so that you can keep those hands trapped from teeny tiny newborn (even preemies!) up to 6 months! But the best, most incredible, life-changing, awe-inspiring thing about these mitts? They have a strap. A strap that you can use to cinch the mitten around your babe's wrist to make sure they don't. fall. off.

I know. So simple. Yet so perfect.

Goumikid's stay on technology for their little baby mitts make these the perfect thing for any mama trying to keep their babe's face from getting wrecked by those monstrous newborn nails.

They're also machine washable, and made from organic/bamboo cotton blend, and are naturally antimicrobial which makes them both super soft and germ-free for babe's hands and face!

They're also insanely adorable. So there's that.

You worked really hard to make a cute baby, so do your best to make sure that hard work doesn't go to waste with rashes and scratches on their perfect faces, okay mamas!

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