Halo Bassinest Review

Halo Bassinest Review

Most mamas plan to have their babe in their room for a little while once they arrive home from the hospital. If you're not planning on it, just stop and think about the number of times you're going to be woken up during the night, and you'll probably change your mind. Plus, most experts agree it's a lot safer for our tiny babes to be in our rooms and will reduce the risk of SIDS. So it's co-sleeping for everyone, mama!

Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

So now that you've decided to co-sleep, you are probably wondering what on earth you're going to use to make sure that your little one (and YOU) get some sleep. The best option for both of you will be a bassinet that you can have close by, and nothing is going to be more convenient for new mamas than the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper.

Halo 2

We all want our little ones to be safe as they sleep, and the Halo Bassinest (yes, NEST) is the perfect way to make sure that baby sleeps comfortably right next to your bed. The Bassinest is height adjustable to match up with the height of your bed (up to 48"), and has a sturdy base to make sure that babe is secure all night long. The walls are all made of breathable mesh so you can always see how babe is doing, which I promise will give you more sleep than just about anything else!

When you have recently gone through labor, you pretty much don't want to move--the less moving, the better! Your husband will agree with me, mama. Nothing wakes up a hubs quicker than a grunting mama crunching out of bed. That's where the Swivel Sleeper's 360 degree feature is going to be your life saver. You can twist, turn, and adjust this crib in any way you need to give you access to your little one. One of the walls even lowers so you can easily grab baby without even sitting up. MAGICAL. You can also easily twist it out of the way if you need to get out of bed to go make a bottle, use the bathroom, or scarf some Ritz before heading back to sleep.

HALO luxe

If you feel like your babe would benefit from some extra soothing, you can invest in the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Luxe Plus Series which comes with the Soothing Center accessory that has lullaby, white noise, night light, and vibration functions. It also has a super convenient nursing timer if you need to make sure that you're waking up to feed babe, which makes it the all-around mama helper!

Overall, this bassinet is going to make all of your co-sleeping dreams come true, but there are a few things that could be a little annoying. The only part of the Halo Bassinest that is machine washable is the fitted mattress sheet. Everything else will need to be spot treated which can be a bit of a bummer considering the amount of fluids surrounding your newborn at pretty much all times. Ew. This co-sleeper is also pretty heavy-- weighs in around 30 lbs, which will make it a pain to move around. However, thanks to the swivel design, you shouldn't have to move the whole thing once you get it in place next to your bed. It's also a little difficult to adjust the height, but again once it's been set to the correct height for your bed, you may not find the need to change it much. In reality, these are all a little nitpicky considering how amazing this bassinet is!

The Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper is a really great product for mamas who are co-sleeping, and you will love having your sweetie close and comfortable while you all work on getting some sleep. XO

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Have you had any issues with the battery life? How often are you using the vibration function and noises? Also have you tried the newborn insert that holds them in a smaller space? Do you see that as being necessary?

Jeffrey Blum

We haven’t heard any complaints or seen reviews about battery life issues. The newborn insert is not necessary. That’s something we would wait on purchasing until after baby arrives. If it seems like baby isn’t sleeping well in the bassinest, then we would suggest trying the newborn insert to see if the smaller space makes a difference.

Jackie Hall

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