Happy Baby, Happy Mommy

Happy Baby, Happy Mommy

Keep your hands free and keep your sanity too!

Have you ever tried to clean the house with a newborn? You finally soothe her cries after what feels like hours of bouncing them in your arms. You lay them down ever-so-gently, hoping to sneak away unnoticed. And suddenly, baby's cries erupt once again, wanting only to be held!

It's a constant mommy-battle: wanting to accomplish all that you need to around the house, while still keeping an eye out for your baby. Enter Happy Baby carriers and wraps!

These have saved me on more than one occasion, especially since having my second. Tasks that seemed nearly impossible with a toddler and newborn have been made manageable with the use of my trusty Happy Baby wrap. Grocery shopping, for example. My toddler can sit in the cart while I wear the baby, which leaves room in my cart for all the diapers I need to buy.

Not only is baby-wearing handy for keeping you hands-free, there are many developmental benefits as well! It can help prevent SIDS, it promotes early language development, and it fosters the parent-child bond - just to name a few!

What sets Happy Baby apart from other baby-wearing brands? The material used to create their wraps, a stretchy viscose bamboo, is breathable, naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and it provides UV protection. Their carriers are made with 100% linen and linen-blend fabrics. Both products are made in the USA and use safe, non-toxic dyes. Only the best for our babes!

Don't be intimidated by wraps or carriers! Stop by our store to have a one-on-one lesson with a Cubby Mom, or check out our helpful Youtube videos! You can shop in store or online at BabyCubby.com.

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