Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

It's that time of year again, mamas. When we get to celebrate ourselves for a day by hopefully getting our dinner made by someone else, a foot rub from the hubby, and an adorable card made from our toddlers. It makes us shine with love and we get to spend some time enjoying all the praise for a while.

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Looking back on the type of year I've had, I think I want to dedicate this post to all the mamas out there to help celebrate them on every other day of the week after their Mother's Day.


To the mama who's dreading a daddy-free day since he's headed back to work, who's realized she has no kid-approved cereals in the house and it's causing an absolute riot, who's dealing with screaming kids and finding that lost car that, if not found immediately, will cause the end of the world, and doing her best to push her first dose of caffeine back until at least 8:30 a.m., happy Mother's Day!


To the mama who was planning on having a stress-free day off with her littles at school, getting into her groove and walking around her favorite stores with enough time to stop and smell all the candles, but got rudely interrupted by a call from the school saying her kid just puked and she now needs to pick him up, then run to grab juice, crackers, and a movie, happy Mother's Day!


To the mama who has already had the world's longest work week, and cannot even stomach the idea of getting home to the littles and making a nice, home-cooked meal, and instead stops to grab the fam's favorite takeout to have at home, puts the kids down as early as can be managed on her own, and spends the rest of the night eating a mama-only treat and watching trash TV, happy Mother's Day!


To the mama who is going to school drop-off, school pick-up, soccer practice, dance class, and trying to get to her own therapy appointment on time, stopping to eat because she remembers all she's had is a couple of fruit snacks handed to her by her baby (because they love feeding her now) and taking a big sigh before settling into another day of nonstop chauffeuring, happy Mother's Day!


To the mama who is anxiously watching the minutes tick by until a much needed date night approaches, hoping beyond hope that her man will turn up earlier than expected so that she can take a couple of minutes in the bathroom to maybe do her hair, or put on some makeup before the babysitter shows up, when she then remembers that her kids had crackers with their lunch and instead spends the next hour trying to make her house look presentable for a 13-year-old girl, happy Mother's Day!


To the mama who gives her man the puppy eyes in the early hours of the morning begging him to give her another 30 minutes in bed before having to tackle the kids, having him agree, experiencing the brief euphoria of "sleeping in", and then getting a quick reality check in 5 minutes from her littles running in and demanding cuddles, milk, and pancakes, all while rolling all over her face, happy Mother's Day!


To the mama who is doing everything humanly possible to get herself, her kids, and her husband out of the door in time for church, getting snacks into the bag, getting her daughter's hair into a manageable state, getting her son's pants turned around the right way, throwing her own hair up in a messy bun and opting for a maxi skirt because she didn't have time to shave her legs (again), and literally being out of breath the entire morning from all her scurrying, happy Mother's Day!

Every mama has a different level of support, of love, of praise, but it's safe to say that every mama, no matter what, is working a full-time, no-down-time, heart-filling life that they're trying to make the most of. So here's to you, mama. However you're doing it. Happy Mother's Day!


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