Happy Mother's Day to our New Summer Mamas!

Happy Mother's Day to our New Summer Mamas!

One of the funnest things is showering new mamas with gifts that will make their first delivery and first couple of months with their new babe even more sweet. If you've got a mama in your life that is going to be enjoying a newborn this summer, then let The Baby Cubby help you celebrate her and the new babe with all sorts of summer love!

Something Personal

Every mama loves something personal, and there's something sweet about giving her a gift that helps her remember all the moments she's had throughout her pregnancy and can carry with her for babe's whole life. Choose from the Childhood History Journal - Womb to 18 Years, or an Adoption History Journal, and let Promptly Journals give her something she can use every day to record all the good, bad, and glorious things that happen between the first 9 months and the next 18 years.

Something for the Sun

Summertime calls for something cute that a new mama can put on to get out of the house for a minute with dirty hair, an outfit that's probably all about the comfort, and just needs some fresh air. Whether she's getting out on her own, heading out on a walk with her little, or the whole fam is heading to the beach for a day in the sun, the San Diego Hat Company makes the most adorable sun hats like this Wheat Straw Hat with Blush Ribbon that will do wonders for a new mama during the summer!

Something for the Babe

When there's a new mama, there's a new baby, so giving mama a super soft, lush Saranoni Receiving Blanket is the perfect way to show her how much you love her new baby. Plus, what mama doesn't love to cuddle up with her newborn? What better way to do it than with a silky soft blanket? Tons of different colors, and Saranoni makes blankets in the perfect sizes from mini to extra large for all the comfort a mama could want!

Something for her New Body

I've talked before about how unsettling it can be for a new mama to have this body that feels like it has a mind of its own, and there's truly nothing I can think of that will help a new mama more than something to help her if she's breastfeeding. The Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads are literal magic for sore, cracked, and sensitive boobs and gives them a hug. I have an absolute obsession with these, and could not imagine nursing without them, and you can give these to any new mama and give her all the deets!

Celebrating new mamas is so much fun, and giving her a few gifts that she can use and love throughout her new journey makes it so special. If you know a new mama having a babe this summer, head over to The Baby Cubby for all the best things for mama and baby! Happy Mother's Day!


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