Have a Holly, Jellycat Christmas

Have a Holly, Jellycat Christmas

The three things I enjoy spending money on the most are 1. decorations for my house, 2. food, and 3. irresistible things for my children. While it’s not advisory to consume Jellycat products, they most definitely fulfill the criteria for the other two categories! Especially the Christmas-themed collection!

Christmas decorations are an absolute joy, but they become all sorts of tempting to little kids. For this reason, I keep quite a few child-friendly decorations in easy-to-reach places during the month of December. Along with these childproof decorations/toys, I have a small collection of Christmas-themed plush animals/dolls for my children to sleep with, play with, and love on during this magical month as well. Needless to say, Jellycat’s Christmas plush friends might just need to be added to my Christmas stash.

I only own one Jellycat plush animal, and it happens to be my number-one, favorite stuffed animal in the whole house! To be able to add a seasonal buddy to the mix, that will get special attention for a few weeks a year and be carefully packed away for the other months, might just be too good to be true. This is because it’s hard to justify buying ALL of the stuffed animals. But if it isn’t going to just get tossed into the animal bucket, taking up space and the beauty and novelty of it won't disappear within a short amount of time, it may be the perfect occasion to buy another of my very favorites.

I definitely NEED all four of these guys: Berry Santa, Snowflake Santa, Snowflake Elf, and Dazzle Pom Pom (which isn’t necessarily Christmas-only or winter-only, but it could be!).

Jellycat Berry Santa Plush Toy - Medium

Jellycat Berry Santa Plush Toy – Medium


Jellycat Dazzle Pom Pom Plush Toy - Medium                              Jellycat Snowflake Elf Plush Toy - Medium


Jellycat Snowflake Santa Plush Toy - Large

Jellycat Snowflake Santa Plush Toy – Large

If you’ve never felt one of Jellycat’s plush animals (which I highly doubt, because they suck you in with how soft they look), I can promise you that I’ve never felt a softer, cozier, or more lovable toy in all of my 25 years of life. And they aren’t just soft, they’re adorably made: good quality, endearing creatures, and the yummiest materials. (Again, don’t eat these.)

I have good news and I have bad news. The bad news is, we can’t and don’t sell Jellycat plush animals online. The good news is you can call into the store and order over the phone to be picked up in the store or shipped straight to you!

The even better news is that the four seasonal buddies I talked about and showed above are a part of our Holiday Markdown Sale! They are each 15% off and will be the best addition to any home this holiday season and many many seasons to come.

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