Hey, Hey Quincy Mae!

Hey, Hey Quincy Mae!

We are always so excited to welcome new additions to The Baby Cubby, and this one is no exception! Are you looking to fill a baby wardrobe with simplistically beautiful clothing? Perfect! You are going to fall head over heels for everything Quincy Mae has to offer!

Brushed Jersey Pixie Bonnet - Grey Stripe

Have you ever heard of Rylee + Cru? Of course you have! Well, Rylee + Cru has a younger sibling now. Yep, you guessed it! Quincy Mae is that younger sibling! I'm not just talking about clothes here either. The designer, Kelli Murray started Rylee + Cru with inspiration from her first two children. She welcomed her third baby Quincy Mae to the world and this clothing line is very obviously inspired by her!

So what is Quincy Mae and why do we need it in our lives? They are the best basics, made with only organic materials. Simplifying and streamlining the options in your child's closet keeps your time picking what they wear to a minimum, while also looking like a very comfortable and very adorable bebe angel! I love simple options for my baby for the reasons I mentioned above, but also because I love the sweet and simple time of life she is in.

The subtle colors paired with the cloud-soft fabrics and basic styles really embody the perfect sweetness and innocence of babies! There are literally handfuls of products to choose from: socks, bonnets, blankets, tops, bottoms, rompers, and more!

Rose Flutter Dress

Sometimes the simplicity of a baby is so easily lost between the cracks of to-do lists and time consuming siblings. Just this last week, I realized one day that it had been multiple days since I had just taken the time to lay on the floor and play with my sweet little June. Before I know it, she will be one year old and will probably want to be held a whole lot less.

Kelli has done such a beautiful job of portraying the exact things we should be loving and embracing in our babies! After all, sometimes the things that seem to be the most plain and simple, often are the things we love and cherish the most! That is exactly why we love this collection and are so happy to say that you can shop the new Quincy Mae today! Visit us in our Utah store or on our website, anytime or anywhere!

Written by: Alyssa Liston

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