High Chair Comparison: Skip Hop Tuo v. Boon Flair

High Chair Comparison: Skip Hop Tuo v. Boon Flair

When I was pregnant with our little boy and we were creating our baby registry and shopping for everything he'd need, I tried really hard to only purchase the essentials. I tried to focus on the things I knew we would need right away because so many people had told me that you only use a lot of baby items for a few weeks or months. So in an effort to avoid excess clutter and spending too much money (especially because I was quitting my job and we would be living on one income), I decided that unless it was something we'd need while our son was a newborn, I would wait and buy things as we needed them.

A high chair is one of the things that I initially decided we wouldn't need. In fact, at the time, I planned to just buy a booster seat. For the first few months after he started eating solids, this worked out just fine. But when he was old enough to actually need a seat of his own at the table, I quickly changed my mind. We bought a high chair, and I'm so glad we did because I love it! A booster seat definitely doesn't take up as much space in your kitchen because it sits on one of your chairs, but if you have the room, I definitely recommend buying a high chair. Especially because there are so many amazing high chairs that have a small footprint and have a variety of options for using it as your child grows, which makes the extra investment and the space it takes in your kitchen totally worth it. If you're looking for a modern, space-saving, and easy-to-use high chair, the Skip Hop Tuo High Chair and Boon Flair High Chair are two great options to consider!

Skip Hop Tuo High Chair

The Skip Hop Tuo High Chair has a modern, sleek, and stylish design. I love that the detachable tray has a separate removable insert so it's easy to clean up after each meal, and I especially love that it's dishwasher safe! The wipe-clean seat pad is also reversible, so you can easily switch your look from dark gray to white. It has a secure, five-point harness, and you can also slide it up to the counter and use it without the tray. I think my very favorite feature is that it converts into a toddler chair so you can still use it when your child outgrows a high chair. So you can use it as a high chair when your child is six months old to three years old, then remove the tray and attach the shorter legs (made of beechwood) to convert it to a toddler chair and use it until your child is five!

Skip Hop Tuo Convertible High Chair                         Skip Hop Tuo Convertible High Chair


 Skip Hop Tuo Convertible High Chair            Skip Hop Tuo Convertible High Chair                      

Boon Flair High Chair

The Boon Flair High Chair is another great option if you're looking for a modern, space-saving high chair. Just like the Skip Hop Tuo High Chair, the tray also has a dishwasher-safe insert. But I especially love that it is a one-piece seat, so there aren't any cracks or crevices where crumbs (or who knows what else) can collect. With a dishwasher-safe tray and a one-piece design, it's pretty safe to say that cleanup with this high chair is unbelievably easy! Next to quick and easy cleanup, I LOVE that the height of the Boon Flair High Chair is adjustable! It has continuous height positioning with a pneumatic lift, so you can choose the perfect height to fit your table! I also love that it has six hidden urethane casters that protect your floors and make it easy to move. When my son was little, we often moved his high chair from place to place, and I would have loved it if his high chair had wheels and the height was adjustable so it would be easier to move around!

Boon Flair High Chair - Orange/White                      Boon Flair High Chair - Green/Gray


 Boon Flair High Chair - Orange/White              Boon Flair High Chair - Green/Gray                      

The Skip Hop Tuo Convertible High Chair and Boon Flair High Chair are both excellent options if you're looking for a sleek, modern, space-saving high chair with tons of options and features! I especially love that they're both easy to clean and can be used in many different ways, from a high chair for a six-month-old to a toddler seat for a five-year-old!

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