High End, Beautifully Designed, and Functional

High End, Beautifully Designed, and Functional

The Stokke Xplory is everything in the title and more: a high end, beautifully designed stroller with so many great features! This stroller is perfect for the city dwelling mama who needs something sleek and compact as well as easy to manuever while still being able to accomadate bags and such.

Elevated Seat

I LOVE this unique feature of the stroller. The design of the Xplory allows the seat to be much higher than on other strollers. When the child is facing the parent, they are much closer, making it so much easier to interact! When the child is facing out, they are not looking at everyone's knees and the ground, but instead see closer to the same angle we do, and are thus able to see so much more of the world around them. My kids are always wanting to get out of their stroller to either be closer to me or to explore on their own, and I know this feature would make them so much happier! When they would be facing me, they would get more closeness, eye contact and be able to hear me better and when facing out it would be like we were exploring together.

Multiple Seat Positions

The seat has 3 different parent facing positions and 2 different forward facing positions. This is a must for me as a parent because I like the option for my kids to nap in their stroller on the go, and this one looks so comfortable in the sleep position. The seat is an ergonomic padded seat with a water repellent canopy that also provides SPF 50 protection and ventilation creating a perfect and safe nap environment.

Room for Bag and Belongings

A lot of strollers that are as compact as this one lose storage space fast; but, Stokke Xplory has a storage compartment on the bottom of the stroller (making it even more sturdy) for your bag or groceries etc.

Durable Swivel Wheels

There is nothing worse than cheap, stiff plastic wheels on a stroller and this stroller has the exact opposite. All four wheels are swivel-icous to the max making it easy to maneuver in tight or crowded spaces. They also have no risk of puncturing and therefore can endure rough terrain like gravel or the beach.  Another bonus to the wheel design is there is no crossbar back between the rear wheels, making it easier to walk while you push and not banging up your shins on an unnecessary bar.

This stroller is so smartly with kids in mind. I can't rave enough about that elevated seat feature! It folds up easily and compactly and looks SO sleek.  A great stroller for big city moms, or really ANY mom, who can appreciate all of its fabulous features! If you're still on the fence about it, just check out this video:

The Stokke Xplory is also available in the following Colors:

Stokke Xplory Stroller - Black Melange

Stokke Xplory Stroller - Red

Stokke Xplory Stroller - Purple

Written by Cassie Tremblay

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