Holidays Made EZPZ

Holidays Made EZPZ

Don’t ask me how, but we blinked and suddenly the holiday season is in full force again! Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Christmas will be here before we know it! As we approach “the most wonderful time of the year,” there are so many things to look forward to and lots of fun to be had. One question that lingers in my mind, however, is how in the world am I going to survive the holidays with a two-year-old while making each day as fun and festive as possible?

One solution I’ve come up with is an easy one. In fact, it’s EZPZ. 

In case you’re new to this brand, here’s a quick breakdown of this awesome invention. Shark Tank survivor and entrepreneur Lindsey Laurain is the founder of EZPZ and came up with a brilliant idea one day and ran with it until it was a reality. These are plates and bowls that are attached to a mat that suctions to the table! Genius. This prevents many spills, promotes independent eating, and allows for easy clean-up. Intrigued? You should be! Take a look at this video explaining more about these one-of-a-kind dishes.


All right, let's talk Thanksgiving: Gratitude, family, travel, football, naps, dishes, and a whole lot of delicious food! Whether you’re hosting or attending, this day of thanks can become quite chaotic, and messes of all shapes and sizes are something you can almost always count on. But this year lets eliminate some of the mess by incorporating a new type of dish into your child’s meal regimen. Bring along an EZPZ Mini Mat or an EZPZ Happy Bowl (they come with travel bags) for assurance that your child’s eating messes will be slim! Not to mention, aunts and uncles around the table will be awestruck at the cleverness of the mat!


It’s pretty much a given that there are an unlimited amount of arts and crafts geared toward holiday themes. Thank goodness for Pinterest for hanging on to all of “our” ideas for us. One less thing to worry about during the holidays! Though there are many paper crafts, I’d like to focus more on food crafts, as they are another wonderful occasion to use an EZPZ mat. These 13 Adorable Turkey Treats are a perfect example of when an EZPZ tray will be perfect this coming month! Different candy pieces can be separated and divided out to each child in their Happy Mat or Mini Mat and mom will be less frazzled knowing each kid has what they need to accomplish the activity.


Now on to Christmas! Whether you’re working on gingerbread houses or another fun Christmas treat like one from 50 Cute Christmas Treats, these mats are perfect for construction and even better for taste testing! And consider your Christmas meals mess-free! At least compared to how they are without an EZPZ mat. One of my favorites is the separate sections for different kinds of foods in the Mini Mats or Happy Mats. Of course, this isn't just an EZPZ feature, but this added feature PLUS all of the other things going for it, has me completely hooked! Perfect for picky eaters or kids who, like me, can't have their food touching! Creativity is endless when it comes to Christmas foods, and now we can enjoy the prep work and eating even more thanks to these amazing food trays.


I have it on good authority that there will soon be a play mat available too! Bring on the fun and imagination! Each of these products would also make fun Christmas gifts because, lets face it, we all have too many toys as it is. Apparently children love these about as much as parents do. I was sold when I heard it suctions to the table, but these silicone-made mats are also dishwasher AND microwave safe! So what are you waiting for? EZPZ is ready to make your holidays even more enjoyable, so join in on the fun!

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