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How Do I Choose a Bottle for My Baby?

How Do I Choose a Bottle for My Baby?

Bottles. Such a strange thing to have so many options to choose from, right? If you haven’t done so already, go read Brooke’s bottle comparison post that gets real and honest about the different bottle brands and types we sell at The Baby Cubby. That breakdown alone may very well answer many bottle questions you have. Here, I’ll be piggybacking off of her post and focusing on how to choose the right bottle for your baby.

What are things I should consider while on the hunt for the perfect bottle?

Avent Natural 9 oz Bottle
Avent Natural 9 oz Bottle

Breast Pump Compatibility

I’ll be honest, when my kids were babies they probably each had less than half a dozen bottles total. No formula ever, just breastmilk. So for my personal situation, I went for the bottle that paired up with my breast pump. For me, this was Avent. I’d pump directly into the bottle, store the bottle in the fridge, then have my babies drink from them a few hours later. It got the job done and was literally zero hassle on my part.

Limited Nipple Confusion

A lot of moms have a difficult time having their baby switch back and forth between breastfeeding and bottle feeding because of nipple confusion or a disinterest in bottles because the babies want the real thing! In order to help limit this stressful and tear-inducing situation, there are a few bottles that were designed to help with this very purpose. For nipple confusion, I suggest Comotomo or Natursutten. Like Brooke describes in her recent post, Comotomo’s entire bottle is made of silicone which is very soft and inviting for a babe. Natursutten’s nipples are made of an even softer latex/rubber combo and have a bit of a cherry tip to more closely mimic the breast.

Mixie Bottle
Mixie Bottle

Convenience and Practicality

If you are solely bottle feeding, the most convenient and practical bottle would be the Mixie bottle. This bottle keeps the formula and water separate and perfectly measured out until you’re ready to feed your babe. This is especially great when you’re on the go or other caretakers are involved. Despite what some may have you believe due to fancy (and awesome) dish racks available, the four bottle brands we carry: Comotomo, Mixie, Avent, and Natursutten are all dishwasher SAFE. This adds to convenience and practicality immensely. And I think another thing that sometimes has us deceived about bottles is that fact that many bottles are compatible with nipples from other brands. Mixie is a great example of this. So be sure to check your bottle’s compatibility in case you could try out a nipple before committing to buying all new bottle/nipple combos. Oh, and one last thing: just because you have one brand of bottle warmer doesn’t mean multiple bottle brands wont fit too!

Comotomo 8oz Bottle- Green
Comotomo 8oz Bottle- Green

Help with Colic and/or Gassiness

Unless you’re buying some cheap, off-brand bottle with not a single bell or whistle, you’re likely going to find yourself with a bottle with some type of aid for colicky and/or gassy babies. Whether that's strategic, leak-free vents to get rid of excess air (like Comotomo, Avent or Mixie), or double valves to even milk flow and also help with less air swallowing (like Avent or Natursutten), you’re bound to find aid in one form or another.


A lot of infants may not drink more than 3 or 4 ounces at a time, so buying a smaller sized bottle may seem like the obvious choice. But I advise you to also think of a few months down the road when Baby is bigger and consuming more milk in one sitting. Mixie and other brands even provide a purchasing option of one 4 oz. bottle and one 8 oz. bottle in one box!

Natursutten 8oz Glass Bottle 2-Pack
Natursutten 8oz Glass Bottle 2-Pack

Bottle Materials

If you have a more environmentally friendly outlook on life, the glass Natursutten bottles may be calling your name. But if your baby has a tendency to throw his or her bottle, or thrash about during mealtimes, glass probably isn’t the most child-friendly option for you guys. Comotomo’s silicone material is incredibly appealing but it does have a tendency to get stained over time. And, of course, there are always allergies to consider (latex, etc.), but hopefully it’s not the materials holding you up on some decision making!

Most Popular

It’s pretty proven that a lot of people simply make decisions based off of other people’s decisions and the occasional feedback or guidance those previous consumers may share. As for word of mouth, fan favorites, and top sellers, I’d wager a guess that of the dozens and dozens of bottles out there, Comotomo and Avent are sitting right near the very tiptop.


Don’t automatically negatively label a bottle after one failed attempt. Try having someone different hold the baby and bottle, try at different points in the awake cycles, and try for ten or so minutes before giving up temporarily. Wait to buy or try a different bottle until several attempts haven’t ended so well. A lot of the time it just takes Baby a little bit to get used to it or the perfect conditions to allow for a winning attempt!

In Conclusion

It turns out there is a lot to consider when looking for the perfect bottle match for your baby! BUT don’t get too overwhelmed, just pick one and see how it goes! Best of luck to you and your bottle babe.

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