How Do You Swaddle a Baby?

How Do You Swaddle a Baby?

Question: How do you swaddle a baby?


1. Lay a blanket on a flat surface (such as a bed or a changing table) with a corner at the top. 2. Fold the top corner down until the point touches the middle of the blanket. 3. Lay your baby on the blanket with his or her neck along the top fold. 4. Wrap the right side across your baby then tuck the edge underneath the left side of your baby. 5. Fold the bottom corner up and fold just below your baby's neck. 6. Wrap the left side across your baby and tuck the corner in.

When my little boy was a baby, I loved using these lightweight Aden + Anais muslin swaddle blankets because I could use them in any weather. When the weather was warm, they were lightweight enough that he didn't get too warm. And if it was cold outside, I would wrap him in the Aden + Anais blanket first, then wrap him in a warmer blanket for added warmth. The extra layer kept him cozy and warm, and wrapping him with the muslin blanket first made sure he didn't break out of the swaddle. Even though swaddles are perfect for keeping your babies warm and comfortable, there is a definite learning curve when it comes to figuring out how to correctly swaddle them! There are a few things to watch for when swaddling your baby. Most importantly, when you're swaddling your baby, make sure to prevent hip dysplasia by wrapping your baby's arms tight, but don't overly constrict their legs and hips. Instead, allow their legs to stay in their natural, "frog-legged" position. Watch this video to see one of our Cubby Moms wrap her baby in these cute, Little Unicorn swaddle blankets: Or for a super simple swaddle, check out these amazing swaddle blankets created by The Ollie World. I love the simplicity of the design and the velcro will help keep your baby swaddled nice and tight.

Swaddling is an excellent way to keep your baby warm and comfortable, especially when they're sleeping. And many moms (including me) swear by swaddling as a way to help your baby sleep longer and deeper...making a happier baby and a happier mama!

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