How Important is Seasonal Dressing for Kids

How Important is Seasonal Dressing for Kids

Ever have a nosy shopper at Walmart tell you that your little one should have a hat and socks on even though it's like 75 degrees outside? Yeah, me too. That's why I shop at Target.

Just kidding. Not about the Target thing though. But really, why does everyone have such strong opinions about how we dress our kids? Whether it's summer or winter, sunny or rainy, it seems like we're never dressing them the way we're "supposed" to.

So here's the question: how important is seasonal dressing for our kids?

Is it really imperative that they have on a wool cap every time we leave the house in winter regardless of the fact that they're going to tear it off as soon as we attempt to shove it on their head? Is having your little in a rash guard at the splash pad a life or death situation?

At the end of the day, when we dress our kids, we definitely want them to look cute, but we also want them to be comfortable in whatever weather and environment they're going to be exploring that day. The rule for seasonal dressing is that you want to make sure you go home as healthy and as happy as you left (assuming that both of those things were true when you left the house, which, to be honest, is not always the case). 

The point is it pays to be prepared for the weather when you're getting your kids dressed for the day. So here are a couple of things to think of when getting dressed before you head out:


The main things to keep in mind when it's hot outside is will your child overheat in what they're wearing? When you think about what kind of clothing you would wear out in the summer months, remember that your little one will have a tougher time cooling down as quickly as you, and will show it a little differently. While they may not be sweating profusely (like I seem to do all summer long), you'll see their cheeks get flushed, they'll slow down or seem to be a little tired, or they'll just be straight up whiny and uncomfortable.

Lightweight, breathable, and minimal fabric is going to make your kids a lot more comfortable when they're running around in the heat. Make sure you're choosing options like shorts, sleeveless tanks, or even cotton rompers. Skip the layers and just opt for the less is more approach when it comes to the hot days! 


Where you were a minimalist with hot weather, you will now become the most extra mother ever. The strategy when dressing kids for winter weather is light layers. A good rule of thumb is to dress them in what you would comfortably wear for the temp plus an extra layer. So if you're good to go in a sweater and jeans, then make sure you get your little a jacket and a hat to make sure they're warm enough.

If you're having a winter baby, it's definitely going to be important that you dress them warmly pretty much all of the time. They're coming out of the coziest place ever into the cold hard world, and they're going to need some organic cotton to help make the transition a little easier on everyone. This is a good time to pull out the adorable winter accessories like mittens, scarves and beanies! And don't forget about the feet-- a nice thick pair of socks will go a long way in making your kids more comfortable than just about any other piece of clothing. Plus, come on, what is cuter than an infant in a little knotted cap?! Yeah, nothing. They're the cutest. 


This is always a fun one for all our mamas living up in the Pacific NW, or when the random drizzle happens here in the Golden State. When it's raining outside and you know that your little one might be getting wet (possibly at recess or if you live in the city and you're a walking family), there are a couple of staples that you should have on hand to make sure that your babe isn't getting too wet and cold.

The last thing you're going to want to do is send your little one out in cloth shoes that are going to get soaked through the minute they step outside-- investing in a pair of shoes that can weather the storm and hold up to all the fun puddle jumping is so worth it! You should also make sure to dress them in a coat that is rain resistant so that they aren't getting wet to their skin. Having our kids (or anyone for that matter) sitting in wet clothes for too long is a recipe for disaster and a cough the next day. So keep the clothing light but functional whenever you're expecting rain! 


Whether it's cold, the perfect temp for a picnic, or blazing hot, the sun is pretty unforgiving. This is probably the most important seasonal dressing that mamas need to worry about on almost a daily basis if they're spending any amount of time outside. The sun can do a lot of harm to our little ones (and us!) and especially on our tiny babes. While you should always be using SPF for your kids, there are a couple of things that you should be carrying around in your bag to put on your kids to make the difference between a great day and a lesson learned.

Hats are such an easy and great way to protect your babe's scalp, face, eyes, and sometimes neck from the harmful sun. You can get one specifically meant for the sun (like this one from i Play with SPF and overall coverage) or stick to the standard cap style like these cuties from Jack and Winn. Sunglasses are another great thing to have in your bag if you're going to be in the sun all day to keep their eyes from getting burnt (see this post for the deets) and if you have really little babies, have a child with super fair skin, or just want to be extra cautious, a rash guard for beach or pool days is a life saver!

So dress them appropriately for your day, and let the Walmart onlooker know you're a-okay! ;)

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