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How Loose or Tight do Pajamas Need To Be?

How Loose or Tight do Pajamas Need To Be?

Finding the perfect fit for young children's pajamas can be quite the conundrum, especially when there are footies and growing children involved. Finding the right fit can be tricky! We've done a bit of research to find out what the 'standard' is for safe, comfortable sleepwear!

Should I size up and 'buy big'?

No. Never 'buy big' because you think it looks more comfortable. Here's why: Pajamas that are too big can easily become tangled around the child, which may result in breathing complications for your little one. Young children can wiggle themselves out of their ill-fitting pajamas, which increases their risk of suffocation or other unintentional injuries. Loose-fitting pajamas are also considered a fire hazard. If your child is wearing snug-fit pajamas, it is less likely that they will have a fire-related accident.

Is it okay to let my child sleep in snug-fit pajamas?

Yes. In fact, all children's pajamas should fit snuggly. Infant and toddler sleepwear should fit like a pair of long underwear.

How snug is too snug?

If your child verbally tells you it is too tight, or if you see him pulling on his pajamas in the tighter areas, it is probably too snug. If you aren't sure, run your fingers beneath the collar of the neck, wrists and ankles. Are your fingers able to move around the circumference of the area with ease? If so, the tightness of the garment is probably okay. If you find it's hard to even get a finger beneath the cuff of the garment, then it's probably too tight. Use your best judgement given your baby's size.

How loose is too loose?


If your child is easily twisted in his pajamas while playing, he will most likely have that same issue while sleeping. Watch your child play while he's wearing his pjs to see if they shift in a worrisome way. For footie pajamas, if the cuffs of the sleeves are hanging past your child's hands and/or his feet are not staying put in the footie, then they are probably too big. Rolling the sleeves will not fix this problem. Hold off for a few weeks and try them on again for a better fit.

As with everything parenting related, use your best judgment. Finding the right pajamas for your little one can be a task! If you are having trouble finding sleepwear that fits correctly, try exploring different brands for the best fit! The Baby Cubby offers many options when it comes to children's clothing. Take a peek at our website to see what sleepwear options we have for you!

Written by Lindsay Helm
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