How Often Should I Bathe Baby?

How Often Should I Bathe Baby?

Question: How often should I bathe baby?


  • Most pediatricians will recommend bathing 2-3 times per week, and sponge baths in between when/if needed.

  • Bathing daily is fine for most babes, but is definitely not necessary.

Bath time for most babes is a great time to play with fun water toys, splash mama, and essentially hang out in a warm, bubbly pool for a while. Some kids love their bath time, others not so much, and that can affect the way mamas feel about bathing their little ones. Whether you're a mama who insists on a bath every night for their little one, or are more laid back and prefer a couple times a week, the truth is our babes need to get clean, right? 

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But the question remains: How often does my child actually need a bath? Most experts agree that bathing daily is fine for most babes, but is definitely not necessary. Most pediatricians will recommend bathing 2-3 times per week, and sponge baths in between when/if needed. Keep in mind that age will make a difference in the amount of baths you choose to give your child. When you have a fresh newborn at home, you'll be restricted to sponges and wash cloths for bathing until the umbilical cord stump falls off. Thankfully it doesn't take longer than a week, cause that thing is gnarly no matter how cute your babe is. After that, your little one will probably be a little shocked with his/her first experience in the actual tub. Our son screeched through his entire first bath, and pretty much made me feel like the worst mama on the planet.

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Newborns are also going to need some added support and won't be able to go straight from sponges to the tub. Most mamas will choose to purchase a newborn support tub like the Stokke Flexi Bath Newborn Support. It can either be placed in the bathtub, or in the Stokke Flexi Bath that makes it easy to collapse and store when you're not using it. If you're not interested in bending over your bathtub every few days to rinse off your babe, there's the Puj Flyte. It is designed to fit in pedestal sinks. It keeps your babe supported and comfortable (and your back from aching) while you bathe them in the sink. Whatever method you choose, a newborn tub is a great way to make sure that you're not putting too much stress on your little one's neck, while still having enough control to actually wash the baby. A slippery baby is not the easiest thing to hold on to, you feel me, mama?

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Once your baby has been exposed to the bath a few more times, and the screams are more or less non-existent, you'll start to gauge how much your little one enjoys bath time. The truth is that most mamas will choose how often to bathe babe based on how their little ones respond to the bath. If you've got a little one who loves to play in the water, then you'll be more inclined to get them in the tub; whereas if your kid screams every time you turn on the faucet, you may not be so keen to make it part of your daily routine. No matter how often you bathe your babe, you need to make sure you're not using products that are drying out or irritating his/her sensitive skin. This is generally why doctors recommend not bathing daily, because our baby's skin can react poorly to a lot of soaps and shampoos. I would definitely recommend only using a soap with natural, hypoallergenic ingredients to avoid any negative reactions. The Tubby Todd Bubble Bath and Hair and Body Wash are two great, baby safe products that will not only clean your little one safely, but smell amazing! You can also check out their other products like their spray and lotion to use after bath time!

Little Unicorn Hooded Towel & Washcloth- Dino Friends

You'll also want to make sure that they're getting good and dry before they head down for bed. This will help cut down on things like chaffing from jammies/diapers, or those pesky runny noses and random coughs from being damp. The cutest and softest option out there? These Little Unicorn Cotton Hooded Towel & Wash Cloth combos! The prints are all adorable, and you can mix and match for different kids! Or, get a few of them for your little one so you have a couple to use throughout the week. The hood helps to get that hair nice and dry (always a plus for our littles with luscious baby curls), while the super soft combo of cotton muslin and soft terry cloth ensures you won't be scratching up babe's skin while drying them off. Plus, there is just nothing more adorable than a clean baby with a hooded towel on!

Overall, most mamas can agree that bath time is a fun way to watch their babe play, and experience new things while getting them squeaky clean. So regardless of the number of times you decide your little one needs to get scrubbed down during the week, always make sure you have the right tools and tricks to make it a safe, fun experience for both of you. You can always check out our Bathing Page for all the bath supplies and links to videos that will help to make bath time a happy and healthy time for both you and babe!

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