How To Avoid The Holiday Crash!

How To Avoid The Holiday Crash!

The holidays can be joyfully overwhelming. Dashing to every possible holiday party and staying up late can really throw off your children's sleeping schedules. Plus, gorging on Grandma's tasty morsels and gagging on Great Aunt Vern's "totally not disgusting" fruit cake can have your kiddo's insides a little stressed and confused. When the holiday cheer dies with the new year, you and your kids might need some help getting back on track.

Keep Moving

Make moving a priority. Instead of repeatedly eating and sitting, get up and take a little walk after dinner. Help Grandpa with the dishes or play with the kids! Encourage your children to be actively playing, so come bed time, all of Grandma's sugary treats don't keep them from going to bed around their usual time.


Wait, did I just say to keep moving? What I mean can't control every situation. The reality of it is that your kids may stay up an hour or two past their bed time. As long as they are playing and having fun, who cares? They are making memories! After the holidays are over, you can go back to your normal routine.

Eat Healthy

Your children will ease back into their normal routine with the help of delicious, healthy meals. They won't be so full of energy if they aren't full of sugary treats! Try making healthy meals for your family to encourage them back into their everyday routine. Limit any leftover treats as well.

Schedule Time To Do Nothing

Some children might be completely exhausted after the excitement of the holidays. Plan ahead and make time for a few days of nothing. Let your kiddos get rested up before school starts again. The younger children might take an extra nap or two to get caught up on their sleep. This is also a good time for mom and dad to recuperate!

Happy Holidays!

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