How to Decide Which Stroller to Take to Disney

How to Decide Which Stroller to Take to Disney

Attention parents! Disney just announced something major. And if you’re planning a trip to Disneyland or Disney World anytime soon, you’re definitely going to need to know this information.

Effective on May 1, 2019, there is an official banning on “oversized” strollers. As in, you will be turned away and not permitted to enter the park if your stroller has been measured (which sounds likely) and declared too big. Because of the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (a new land opening up in both Disneyland and Disney World this year), Disney is anticipating an incredible increase in the amount of guests and wants to help make traffic as smooth as possible.

A stroller must now be no more than 31” wide and 52” deep to be allowed inside of Disney parks. And sadly, this does exclude a few strollers.

31” wide excludes many double-wide strollers, but luckily not the one we sell at The Baby Cubby! The City Mini GT Double is a stroller that still fits inside of these limitation guidelines.

However, when it comes to our modular strollers, it’s a different story. Some are still able to enter the parks with no problem, like the UPPAbaby Vista with the RumbleSeat attached and also the Nuna Demi Grow with the second seat. Those are under the limits, and will still be permitted.

However, since this change has taken place, there has been quite the debate about whether or not the City Select and City Select Lux are allowed in. Depending on where you look, these are labeled as either 52" or 53” long when both seats are in place. So naturally, what did we do? We measured them!

These images were taken after folding in the foot rest as far as possible, and lowering the telescoping handlebars. Which is what we recommend you do before reaching the entrance of the park.

I, for one, have a City Select and I plan on taking it on our next planned Disney vacation. I’m extremely curious to see how the whole thing works out. And you can bet I'll update this post and write a follow up all about my experience.

For a while now, wagons and wagon-styled-strollers have not been allowed into Disneyland or Disney World, but that rule isn’t always enforced, especially on the less-busy days (is there still such a thing?). But, it sounds like also starting on May 1, these will for real not be allowed. So as handy and convenient as they are, don’t plan on bringing these either.

As a frequent Disneyland goer, I do highly recommend using a stroller. Even for the seemingly “too old” 4, 5, or even 6-year-old. Because, man it’s a lot of walking! Go, go, go all day every day. So I honestly don’t think that leaving your stroller home is the solution for this. Purchasing a more travel-friendly double stroller like the aforementioned Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller is a good option here, or there’s nothing wrong renting from Disneyland or Disney World. They have one-day rentals, or entire trip rentals depending on your needs. But if you're getting to a point where you're ready for a more lightweight single stroller, read here for a perfect and inclusive breakdown of our travel strollers.

A lot of people probably aren't thrilled about this change, and I’m sure it’s going to cause some overwhelm for a lot of parents, but I guess I do see the impact that a lot of strollers - a lot of BIG strollers - have on that place.

As for you, I recommend researching and measuring your stroller before taking it to a Disney-themed park to make sure it will be allowed in. And if you find yourself in a less-than-ideal situation, start thinking of some solutions ASAP! Good luck, and don't let this completely spoil the magic that Disney has to offer!

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Hi Crystal,
The stroller must be no more than 31” wide and 52” deep.

The Baby Cubby

So what were the measurements? The image is too small to see anything.


Did anyone have any issues using their city select double? I ahbe the city select lux that I plan to take. I’m nervous because there seems to be conflicting information over the internet.

Pajci Ly

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