Encouraging Active Children!

Encouraging Active Children!

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Those cold Winter months are enough to give anyone a good case of cabin fever, especially our little ones! It seems that the law of tiny humans is to be full of energy at all times; day or night, rain or shine. It can be hard to wrangle all that energy in, so we've conjured up a list of constructive ways to help you encourage your children to be active.


6-9 Months

Go For a Swim- Babies at this age love to kick and wiggle. What better way to do that than to go swimming? Head to your local gym or community pool for a great family outing!

Shake, Shake, Shake! Encouraging babies to sit up and crawl can be difficult and sometimes no fun at all. Luckily, we have the Skip Hop Shaker Trio that makes floor time much more exciting! These easy to hold, colorful animals will surely grab your baby's attention and are loads of fun to shake.

Skip Hop Egg Shaker Trio   

9-12 Months

Finger Paint- Using washable paint (or edible paint found here) lay out a sheet of butcher paper and let your baby explore the world of art. If you want an easy clean up you can also use a plastic shower curtain or table cloth. Babies love getting messy, so get the bathtub ready! Mom or dad can also join in on the fun and create artwork that will be treasured forever.

Play With Blocks- Encourage your baby to sit up and stand with the help of these Petit Collage Nesting Blocks! The colorful blocks are easy to stack, making this the perfect activity for any baby in this age group. The fun, animal and alphabet design can also turn this into a great educational activity!

Petit Collage Nesting Blocks
Petit Collage Nesting Blocks


12-18 Months

Play Hide & Seek- This is a tried and true method of running the energy out of a toddler (and parent) in a fun way. This usually turns into a game of 'find-daddy-squatting-painfully-behind-the-kitchen-counter' game, but it always ends in delighted squeals and lots of laughs. We love to do this before bed time to get those post dinner wiggles out.

Explore a New Park- Playgrounds are a great way to encourage your toddler to climb, slide and touch an array of new and interesting things. Some parks have smaller areas set aside that are perfect for toddler adventures! Bring a ball along and have fun throwing and kicking and playing to your heart's content. 

18-24 Months

At this age, when Parents express excitement about something, the child is about as excited as a Mexican jumping bean in a bouncy house. So, parents, be excited! Whatever activity you do with your toddler, see it through their rose-colored glasses and it is sure to be a great time!

Family Fun Center- One of our favorite, inexpensive and family friendly activities to do at this age is going to our local Family Fun Center. Not only is it a relief to get out of the house, but toddlers love the sights, sounds and watching all the other children play! The best part about these family fun centers is they usually have about a half dozen different activities to choose from, all varying in price and skill level. Our local center has an indoor play place for the younger children and was FREE for my 22 month old. Also, don't forget about the arcade! Toddlers will love helping their parents score a few tickets to win a prize.

Go On a Nature Walk- Taking a stroll through mother nature can be refreshing and educational. Try taking a walk on a local nature trail; pointing at the trees and animals as you go. Pack your toddler along in a carrier or have him/her walk beside you, ready to explore everything on nature's path.

Written by Lindsay Helm

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Great suggestions. I will definitely check out some of the products featured. :-)


Thanks, Linda! If you have any questions about the products feel free to chat or call our cubby mom’s if you have any questions about the products! Or if you’re local they are always available in-store!

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