How to Keep Baby's Bath Time Safe

How to Keep Baby's Bath Time Safe

When it comes to baby bath time there's a lot to feel anxious about, but at The Baby Cubby we think you and babe should be stress free and splashy while in the tub! But it's always important to be present and be safe, so here are a few tips and tools that should help you to make the most out of babe's bubble bath time.

Bath Time Safety

First off, you should NEVER ever leave babe alone in the tub. Most soon-to-be parents will cringe even reading that, but every parent will have a moment where you consider it. Hot tip: Don't. Phones, doors, other kids can all wait. It's not worth leaving babe alone.

All parents should discourage your little ones from standing during bath time, but to cut down on slips and falls in the tub, you may want to consider laying down a rubber mat in the bottom of the tub. Another potential area where kids can hurt themselves is on the faucet. A faucet cover is a great way to cut down on bumps and tears. Try using one like the 4Moms Bath Thermometer. It covers the faucet, doubles as a handy water thermometer, and it makes access to the shower lever easy so it can stay in place!

What size bath to use, and what type of bath is probably one of the biggest questions that new parents have. It's something that everyone will have a different opinion about, but whether you're choosing to bathe your newborn babe or small infant in the tub or in the sink, having a good quality tub to help your little one lay correctly is a must. A great options for the sink bathers are the Puj Tub the Puj Flyte. Designed to fit in a standard size sink (either in your kitchen or your bathroom) and are compact enough for easy storing. They're also made of silicone so they won't hold on to any yucky musty smells over time. Plus, they both hang easily on the Puj Nubs if you would like to hang them in your shower to drip dry!

PUJ Tub available in: White, Kiwi, Aqua, and a Grey Puj Tub coming soon!

Puj Flyte Tub available in: White with a Grey Puj Flyte tub coming soon!

Puj Tub fits in the sink!

The Puj Tub folds easily with magnetic closures.

The Puj Flyte also easily fits in any sink

The Puj Flyte folded and expanded

If you're planning on bathing your child in the tub, but need something a little smaller for starting out, the Stokke Flexi is an expandable tub that will work great for you! You may also want to invest in this tub if you're thinking of traveling, because it folds flat enough to fit in your suitcase.

Stokke Flexi Bath comes in: Blue, Pink, Transparent, and White. 

Stokke Flexi folded and expanded

When it comes to water temperature, you want to make sure that it's warm, not too hot or too cold. A great way to test the water is on your wrist or even your elbow (both are sensitive areas). Usually infants and toddlers will prefer water that is cooler than adults, so a little cooler than you're used to should work great for your babe. Also remember to test the water throughout bath time; once the water is cold it's time to pull baby out! To cut down on guesswork, and if you've got an infant in need of a smaller tub, you may want to consider one like the 4Moms Tub which has a thermometer built in, and a clean water function which filters out the dirty water as you're washing babe.

Another tip if you've got yourself a handsy toddler (Do they make them any other way?) would be to turn down your water heater to 120 degrees Farenheit. The default on most heaters is 140 degrees, and that can cause second degree burns. Also try your best not to put kids in the bath while the water is running. Sometimes the water pressure and temperature changes unexpectantly which can lead to burns.

Bathing the babe is something all parents have to do, and it's something that most babe's will love to do! So lets make it fun and keep it safe during our soaks! XO

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