How To Keep Your Marriage Strong When Life Gets Busy

How To Keep Your Marriage Strong When Life Gets Busy

Work, dance recital at 5pm, basket ball game at 5:30pm, sibling's birthday party at 7pm, school project for 2 kids due tomorrow, what to make for dinner, laundry, do the dishes, clean the bathrooms, help the neighbor move, work project due tomorrow…does this sound awfully familiar? The daily TO DO Lists & CRAZY schedules that seem to get longer EVERYDAY!?! How can we possibly get everything done + keep a strong marriage? I asked my friend Tiffany, how she manages a family of 4 with BUSY SCHEDULES + having a STRONG MARRIAGE. First I’d like to introduce you to her family. I absolutely adore them. They are very family oriented, dedicated to their kids & VALUE THEIR TIME TOGETHER.

Chris works a full-time “9-5” job at Cirque Lodge which is a Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center. He is also in the fitness industry and has worked with many companies like Blender Bottle and Muscle & Fitness Magazine. On top of that, Chris is also an Athlete for Olympus Edge Supplements, and maintains a Social Media Account with 16,000+ followers that he keeps up on daily. Eating clean & working out is also part of his “job" as he is an NPC Physique Competitor - this means he travels around the U.S. for competitions! He also serves (WEEKLY) as a Scout Leader. Oh! And did I mention he is an actor, too?!

Tiffany is a full-time mom and “taxi driver”! She speaks French, which has come in handy as both of their kids are in the French Immersion Program at school, and she is able to volunteer in her kid’s classes weekly. Tiffany serves on the PTA Board and is in-charge of “White Ribbon Week” which is Internet Safety. She is ALSO a Relator!

Brielle is their daughter and she plays volleyball 2 times a week for 2 hours! Brielle is apart of a “vocal company” which puts on plays (I’ve been to one of them and she is super talented!). She attends activities for her church once a week as well as an extra-curricular Art Class.

Dean is their son. He plays on TWO basketball teams; one of which is year-round with games that are typically 45min away! He also plays soccer & baseball. Dean is apart of scouts as well, which is held every week! I might add that Dean is SO GENUINE! Every time he see’s my Special Needs 7 year old (who functions as a 10-24month old & is non-verbal) Dean runs over to give my little boy a “high-five." It makes my heart skip a beat every time! WOW! Well, now you have an idea of HOW BUSY they are!!! Here are some tips that Tiffany gave me to keep your marriage strong when life is so busy!

1. Ask For Help:

Tiffany suggests that if you have active parents who are able and willing to help pick-up the kids from school or an activity…do it! You can’t be to everything, so "divide & conquer." This helps to free up that “time crunch” that seems to creep in.

2. Manage Your Time:

Every Sunday Tiffany and her family sit down and plan out the week. What needs to be done and where everyone needs to be. BUT remember to also be flexible and go with the flow! When life is as busy as theirs you need to be able to adapt and change when things happen.

3. Rely On Each Other:

Tiffany says, "there is ALWAYS a way to figure it out no matter what." One of their favorite quotes is “Choose your Love, Love your Choice” from Thomas S. Monson. Their relationship is #1 and their family is #1. Pulling together ESPECIALLY during the hard times and relying on each other has REALLY strengthend their relationship.

4. Communication:

TALK! TALK! TALK! TALK! TALK! Talk about EVERYTHING - the finances, your frustrations, your worries…EVERYTHING…even if it’s in the car. Car Time can be "quality time."

5. Spend Time Together:

It might be that their “date” will be to watch their son play basketball that week or on a double date with friends (they don’t typically spend time with friends alone, but instead they spend their time with friends TOGETHER!). Sometimes, they even go grocery shopping together...because ANY TIME TOGETHER, wherever, is IMPORTANT!

I think Tiffany gave some GREAT suggestions on ways to stay connected and keep your relationship strong when life is so busy! If YOU have any ideas, we would LOVE to hear your suggestions in the comments!

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