How to Maintain a Schedule When Dad is Home Sick

How to Maintain a Schedule When Dad is Home Sick

There are two types of Sick Days for Dad: 

The first: He’s super sick and can’t get out of bed, so he’s locked in his room upstairs all day long.

The second: He’s sick enough he shouldn’t go to work, but he’s okay enough that he’s up and about and totally messing up the routine and schedule that you have spent years delicately putting into place. 

The first: You’re worried about your husband and checking on him periodically all while trying to keep the kids away from his bedroom so he can get the rest he needs. You have an extra person to take care of today, but he’s mostly like a newborn who needs reassurance that you’re there to help when needed. Mostly he just sleeps a lot.

The second: You’re not actually worried about your husband and wonder how in the world you’re supposed to get things done today. You have an extra person to take care of--kind of like an obnoxious neighbor kid who is getting in your way and eating all of your food (not during a mealtime or a snack time).

The first: You’re oddly jealous that your husband gets to lay in bed all day undisturbed and watch Netflix while sipping on soda pop, taking periodic baths, and sleeping as much as he wants.

The second: You’re bugged that you can’t watch all of the TV you normally would’ve watched if your husband wasn’t home...

The first: Your day pretty much proceeds like normal. Your schedule is not altered by much and you frequently forget Dad is home at all. Plus, you don’t have to worry about waking up the baby to run to preschool pickup because her dad is sleeping in the next room--nap time is saved!

The second: Your day goes absolutely nothing like planned. Chances are, your motivation to get things done is out the window and your kids are bouncing off the walls. The only good part of this day is that you’ll probably get some sort of takeout for dinner!

The first: You pretend he’s not there so that the kids pretend he’s not there so that he can rest.

The second: You pretend he’s not there so you can focus on what you need to get done.

The first: You’re grateful your husband doesn’t work night shift and therefore doesn’t sleep the day away on a regular basis.

The second: You’re grateful that your husband has a job and you get to rule and maintain your own space for a little while!

The first: When one of your kids is acting up, tell them they need to go have (very) quiet time with Dad in his bed for a while.

The second: Hope that your husband will be able to distract the kids enough that you might get to enjoy a little bit of time alone at some point.

All kidding aside, I absolutely LOVE my husband and would be a total wreck (my kids and house included) without him! And yes, while he can sometimes throw off our groove on days he’s unexpectedly home, we still have some dang fun times and portions of these days at home together as a family are some of my favorite times.

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