How To Make Mama Friends

How To Make Mama Friends

Once you have kids, there are a few things that become a LOT harder. And one of those things that you might not think about is making friends with other mamas.

Having littles means that you'll want to change your friend groups a little to extend to friends with kids, but that can be easier said than done. Especially if you're in a situation like our fam and move cross country, and all your besties aren't close by so you need to make all new friends if you ever want to leave the house.

So what's the secret? How do you make mama friends?

Join Up

One of the best ways to make friends with other mamas with kids your same age is to join different groups with parents. You can head to your library and go to story time, then stay after and talk with some other mamas. You can make it a point to go to your neighborhood walking club and get to know the people you live by, then find out who the parents of the kids in the hood are. I make it a point to get to all the church functions going on because there are a lot of mamas with different aged kids-- same as mine, or maybe even teens that could become great babysitters.

When you join different groups, you'll find yourself awkward and out of place at first because being the new person is never easy. But just remember that a lot of mamas are in the same situation you are and chances are they're looking for friends too, so go for it!

Follow Up

Once you make the effort, make sure and follow up! Either get phone numbers or set up another time when you'll all meet up at the park. If you've been hanging out at the park for a couple weeks in a row, invite them over to let the littles play in the backyard.

Because every mama is busy, you can't expect other mamas to do the hard work of making friends for you, so if you want to make some new friends, you'll have to do your best to set up times to meet up or hang out or head to the mall together. The chances are they'll be more than happy to meet up and excited that you reached out! Every mama wants her littles to have some play time with ANYONE but her.

Use Your Socials

If your city/neighborhood is anything like mine, then you'll have facebook groups that are constantly firing off for recommendations for doctors or restaurants or schools or walking trails. Go ahead and throw out some feelers for other mamas in the area who want to meet up at park or walk after dropping the kids off at school. This is a super easy way to make friends-- easy meet up with mamas who are already doing the same things, but now you can all do them together!

Consistency is key here! If you want to make sure that you're meeting new people and getting to know mamas in your neighborhood, then you'll have to make sure that you're making an effort to show up and be there whenever possible. It can be hard to put yourself out there and get out of the house, but it's the best way to get some friends that you can swap mama war stories with and get advice, comfort, and a few laughs.

Making mama friends is a must for any mama, and speaking from experience, you can make some of the greatest friends just by heading to the park at the same time every week. Do your best, smile and chat, and you'll be surprised how quickly you're making mama friends!

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