How to Pack a Diaper Bag Like a Pro

Why is it that there’s such a negative connotation on first-time moms “over packing” their diaper bags? What’s the problem with being 100% prepared for any situation? Okay, so maybe 4 changes of outfits for a quick outing is a little much, but all things considered, anything could happen and it’s ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry!

First step: a diaper bag. The Diaper Bag Buying Guide is an amazing resource for all things you could ever learn about diaper bags in general! And once you’ve chosen the perfect bag for you and your babe, here’s what to put in it to be prepared for almost anything:

Diapers and wipes

Gathre Micro Mat- Blush Colored
Gathre Micro Changing Mat
Tubby Todd all over baby cream
Tubby Todd All Over Cream 
Here’s the obvious one: diapers and wipes. Many diaper bags have pockets that fit diapers and a small pack of wipes perfectly! Smaller pockets are great for items like diaper rash creams, lotions, or baby powder. There’s also a very large majority of diapers bags that come with either a built-in changing pad or a removable changing pad. If not, I suggest purchasing a portable changing pad: perfect for on-the-go diaper changes.

A change of clothes

Grab and go stroller organizer heather gray color
Skip Hop GRAB & GO It doesn’t matter the activities of the day, a change of clothes is almost always a must! Skip Hop has a great product that separates wet clothes from dry clothes and allows a handy place to keep the items you’re done with for the day!


Petunia Pickle Bottom intermix collection mini pixel storage bagPetunia Pickle Bottom Bottle Buttler 

Bottles or sippy cups often have seniority when it comes to baby’s demands, so keeping them handy is important. Built-in pockets often accommodate these, but if you need another option,  you can use the Bottle Butler, an insulated carrier, to allow for longer storage.

Burp cloth/bib

Copper Pearl baby bandana bibs -chips

Copper Pearl Baby Bandana Bips -Chips


Sure, you could improvise and use a napkin or wipe, but just as convenient for spills during or after eating would be a bib or a burp cloth. Even better is when one can double as both, like Burpy Bibs!


Snug Snack container Set by Boon

Sung Snack Container Set 

Food storage is always the most disorganized part of packing my diaper bag. I tend to just throw snacks in last minute so they end up with no home, smashed, or lost! However, there are handy tools like these food storage containers to help with that!


Pacifier Pocket by Skip HopPacifier Pocket 

Man, I swear these things get lost and reappear like no other baby item in history. A designated spot for the binky is a must, and thankfully, there are Paci Pods  to ease the stress of finding a pacifier in an emergency.


Books, stuffed animals, and small toys are wonderful accessories to add to any diaper bag. But be sure to take inventory of what is being packed to assure it is all brought home as well!


Of course, it’ll depend on the weather or the activities, but blankets are pretty versatile, so it’s never a bad idea to have one on hand.

Stuff for mom

Last but not least, the best way to keep things tidy in a diaper bag is to keep mom’s stuff separate from baby’s stuff. This most likely means picking a mom only pocket for keys, phone, wallet, etc.

Keeping an organized bag may be the first step to an organized and prepared mom experience-especially while out and about! Thank goodness for diaper bags and all the baby goodies they can hold!

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