How to Prepare Child #1 for Baby #2

How to Prepare Child #1 for Baby #2

Finding out you're pregnant with y0ur second baby is so exciting! It can also be terrifying. Once you come to terms with the fact that you're going to be dealing with morning sickness, round ligament pain, and that little large ordeal of giving birth again - you realize that you have to prepare yourself AND kiddo number one for a new baby this time around. Don't worry though! I've got a few tips that should help ease you into this transition. 

These little cuties belong to one of our Supervisors, Katie. Pictured is Shad welcoming his new baby brother Liam.

The first thing I have done to help my son be comfortable with the fact that we are having a new baby is talk about it with him often. I avoid phrases like "Mommy and Daddy are getting a new baby!" and use instead "You're going to get a brother or sister! That will be so fun for you!" We also ask him if he wants to give the baby kisses and then let him kiss my stomach. (Okay, okay I admit I might have taught him that just because I thought it was cute but I do think it helps!) 

We love seeing the tolerance of a big brother! This is Casey's (Shipping Department) first two kiddos.

Another great way to help your first born get ready for baby number two is to include them in the shopping and planning. Take him with you to pick out your new double stroller, one of my favorites is the Uppabby Vista with the Rumble Seat but the Baby Jogger City Select is a very popular option. If they are sharing a room, let him help pick out some of the new furniture for their room. If you're getting a new glider, have them come and help you pick out colors and style (obviously with some gentle nudges from you. P.S. You can custom order these in-store!). This is a great way for him to  feel a part of this foreign process. A tried and true technique to help prepare number one is to get him a doll of his own. Practice diapering and feeding; get him excited about baby care! Then when the baby comes he'll have his own little baby to take care of while you attend to the new infant. An experience that can really make or break the transition from only child to sibling for your oldest, is meeting the new baby. Try to make sure the baby is not in the room with you at the hospital when number one arrives. It's likely he will have missed you and be anxious to see you. Spend a few minutes with him asking how his night/day went. Ask him if he'd like to meet his new brother or sister then have the nurse bring the baby into your room.  It also isn't a bad idea to have the nurse take baby number two away before it's time for number one to leave. No one likes to feel like they are leaving the party early!

An idea I love is to have a gift prepared for your first child

Have the new baby "give" it to him when they meet. A little bribery to love their new sibling never hurt, right? I still remember the Princess Belle bubble bath I got from my little brother when he was born! I'm sure it has to be difficult to be used to being the center of attention and then all of a sudden everyone is excited for someone else. A little gift will help number one feel special too. Some great gifts that we love are Tegu Pocket Prisms (this will keep your older child busy afterwards as well!), Plan Toys Happy Puppy, or a matching Saranoni blanket! Most importantly, enjoy this special time! Soak in the moments with number one and never miss an opportunity to tell him that you love him. *Reference to number one as "him/he" has no significance. These tips apply just as well to your darling little her/she!

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