How To: Quick, Easy, and Adorable Halloween Costumes

How To: Quick, Easy, and Adorable Halloween Costumes

It is officially holiday prep season mamas!! Nothing made me love holidays more than having kids, do you agree? Of course, first on the list is Halloween which means the costume scramble is on! Whether you prefer DIY, are looking for something super simple but still cute, or you are a "last minute costumer" this post is for you!

Briar Handmade Fawn Bonnet

Briar Handmade Fawn Bonnet - Baby Cubby

Step 1: Start with Pajamas

A good pair of pajamas is always a good use of money. Pick up a good neutral pair like some from L'ovedbaby and you have the perfect base for your costume! When the festivities are over instead of dumping it all into a costume bin, you have new pajamas to use.

Step 2: Bonnets Baby

Bonnets are back guys, and they are so stinking adorable! One of the easiest ways to complete a costume with a simple base like pajamas is to add a bonnet that has a little extra flair to it. Briar Handmade has the most darling animal bonnets!! You can have a little fawn, lion, bear, or mouse with hardly any work at all! Just place and tie, you can't complain about that!

Briar Handmade Mouse Bonnet 

Briar Handmade Mouse Bonnet - Baby Cubby

Don't have time to get a Briar bonnet to you? There are plenty of adorable ideas for DIY bonnets or costume toppers on Pinterest! Cut a simple unfinished bonnet lining and cover it with colored pom poms, ta-da! you have the cutest gumball machine on the block! Get a good ball of cotton stuffing, spray paint, cardstock, and a simple headband...say hello to your cotton candy baby!

I do not know a single mom that wouldn't be thrilled to execute an adorable Halloween costume that can be used after the actual holiday, and won't take more than a few minutes of time to throw together. Honestly, in my opinion, less is more when it comes to baby costumes. They are already so stinking cute on their own, so who wants to cover that up with much anyways?! Happy costuming you holiday preppers!

Written by: Alyssa Liston

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