How to Use a Stretchy Wrap

How to Use a Stretchy Wrap

My stretchy wrap is easily one of my favorite baby items I use! In the beginning, it was a little daunting because there is SO much fabric to maneuver, but after a few times wearing my baby, I got the hang of it and it has been a breeze ever since! The easiest way to learn how to do something is to watch it done, and as a frequent baby wearer and someone who struggled with this product at first, I believe this video is perfection.

Pretty great, right? I love how casual yet informative this video is! Something I didn’t realize before watching this video is “the higher the X, the higher your baby will sit.” I understand why my baby often sinks down too low now! Something else I would add to this is the wider the shoulder straps expand across the shoulders, the better the weight will be distributed across your body which will make it a lot more comfortable! When it comes to putting the baby inside, I recommend standing in front of a mirror. I’ve found that this lessens the confusion with each strand of fabric and it allows me to see and adjust how comfy my baby looks!

A few guidelines to wearing baby in a Happy Wrap:

These wraps are designed for a baby’s first year, but are safe to use until baby weighs up to 25 pounds!

Happy Baby Wrap

There is only one way to wrap these but TWO ways to wear baby:

The Newborn Hold is for newborns to about three-month-old babies, or whenever their heads are sturdy enough to hold themselves up safely. This is the hold shown in the video above. Baby is tucked in tightly, legs inside the wrap, and head can easily be laid against wearer’s chest.

The Happy Hold is designed for babies 3 months and older. It is more of a sitting position rather than a curled up hold. Baby’s legs stick out and although they are still facing the wearer, there is a little more wiggle room for them to look around, but laying down to rest is still an option! To wear baby in the Happy Hold pull out the strap closest to you first and slide baby’s leg through, spread the fabric across baby’s back and bum to the knees. Baby’s other leg goes through the opposite strap. And just like the newborn hold, slide the tagged portion up and over the two side straps!

Happy Baby Wrap - Slate Stripe

What NOT to do while wearing baby in a Happy Wrap:

  • Never face baby forward!
  • Not to be used as a back carrier
  • No bending at the waist (stick to squatting, it’s better for your back anyway!)
  • No cooking near hot surfaces
  • No sleeping while wearing baby!
  • No exercise or crazy strenuous activity
  • Baby’s chin should never be pressed against his/her chest (keep airways open!)

Happy Baby Wrap - Seafoam

The Happy Wrap is made with viscose bamboo and is incredibly soft, with just the right amount of stretch. It is machine washable and colored with safe dyes that create cute patterns and beautiful colors!

Happy Baby Wrap - Copper

Happy Baby Wrap - Olive Branch

Happy Baby Wrap - Black

Happy Baby Wrap - Slate

Because I wear this out and about the majority of the time, I get SO MANY compliments and comments about it, which makes me love it even more. I highly recommend this stretchy wrap for everyday use (I especially love it at the grocery store!) However, if this doesn’t seem like the right baby carrier for you and you’re looking for something with more stability/adventure capacity, check out our Baby Carrier Guide for an extensive breakdown of different carriers, and to help find the best product for your needs!

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