Video: How to Use your Doona Infant Car Seat and Stroller

Video: How to Use your Doona Infant Car Seat and Stroller

Life is busy. It’s a juggling act, with or without kids. Whether you are jumping between planes, trains, and automobiles, a world traveler, or living the suburban dream, adding a bulky car seat to your lifestyle can really complicate things. Deciding whether lugging a stroller along is worth convenience is a dilemma every parent will run into more often than you might have expected.

I am happy to report though, the answer to this modern dilemma has come in a beautiful single package. The Doona+ Infant Car Seat & Stroller in midnight. If you’ve never seen this little gem before, you’re in for a treat, this genius car seat combines the functions of an infant car seat, with a single stroller. With a few simple clicks, you can go from safely riding in the car, to strolling on the street without having to pack around or unload a stroller.

Buying this car seat is a no-brainer. But, even better than that, using this car seat is a no-brainer.

Car Seat to Stroller

Hop out of the car to take on the grocery store, or your daily walk-- no problem. 

  1. You’ll start converting your car seat to a stroller, by dropping the wheels out first. While lifting the car seat up, and squeezing the release lever on the back of the car seat, the wheels will release out and lock into place.
  2. Next, you’ll adjust the handle to the correct angle by pressing both levers on either side of the handle and moving it into the correct position. 
  3. Finally, with the button on the front of the handle, you’ll be able to extend it to the proper height.

These few steps can take as little as ten seconds, and you’re ready to roll! While strolling, you’ll be able to enjoy the one-touch brakes, swivel wheels, and the chassis suspension for a smoother and more enjoyable ride.

Stroller to Car Seat

When your Uber shows up, converting it back to car seat mode is just as simple.

  1. You’ll start by retracting the handle with the top button.
  2. Next, you’ll adjust the handle to the correct position for carrying, by pressing both levers on either side of the handle and moving the handle into position.
  3. Finally, you’ll tuck in the wheels by squeezing the release lever on the backside of the car seat. This will unlock and release the wheels. You’ll then maneuver the car seat down so that the wheels can tuck up inside the car seat and lock in place. While doing this, you may need to use one of your feet to brace the wheels, while maneuvering the car seat down.  

There you have it! You're ready to click the car seat into the base, walk into your house, or store your car seat!

Why Midnight?

So what sets the Doona Midnight Car Seat apart you might ask? This newest style to the Doona collection is an all-black design with sophisticated details that you will love. Some of our favorite details are:

  • Black anodized aluminum profiles
  • Black canopy with faux-leather detailing
  • Black faux-leather removable handlebar cover
  • Black seat cover with a diamond pattern and faux-leather detailing
  • Black Essentials Bag
  • Black Bamboo-fiber Infant Insert & Head Support

We are more than excited to offer this exclusive Doona Midnight Car Seat. We are overflowing! We are gushing! We can’t say enough! We love the ingenuity of it, the ease, the sleek design, and, most of all, the endless safety features. Every parent feels like they need another pair of hands, and this car seat might actually fit the bill. We hope you’ll check it out at The Baby Cubby!

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