If it's Cool to be Kind, Then These Brands are the Coolest!

If it's Cool to be Kind, Then These Brands are the Coolest!

Happy World Kindness Day, mamas! Today is a day when we can all put a little more kindness out into the world, and we love any reason to celebrate being kind.

Something we are very passionate about at The Baby Cubby is filling our store with brands that help give back to others and that make a point to be kind to the planet, because we believe we can all do a little something to be a little kinder to the world around us!
If you're in the market for some gear for your littles and want a way to be kind on World Kindness Day, then take a look at some of our fave kind brands, and get happy giving back!

Cuddle and Kind

This adorable brand isn't just about making super sweet dolls for our littles to cuddle, but it wants to bring a little kindness to kids all around the world. With the purchase of every doll, they donate 10 meals to a child in North America, and set a goal as a brand to donate 1 million meals every year. Plus, we could just die for how cute all of these dolls are!


This is a brand that takes safety and sleep very seriously, and they make all of their mattresses with sustainably-sourced, organic materials, and everything is made free of harmful chemicals or toxins. Their Pebble Mattresses have a core made from certified organic coconut coir that is both naturally anti-microbial and liquid resistant, while being super comfortable and safe for your babes while they sleep!


This is a brand that is all about learning through play, and making it easier for our littles to do both! They make their Magnetic Blocks from responsibly harvested Honduran wood, and work directly with co-ops to pick the right trees for their products. Not only are their blocks durable and bright, but they are non-toxic, safe, and eco-friendly.

Happy Baby

Talk about being kind to our bodies and our babies all at once, this brand is all about embracing the closeness and comfort from wearing your baby. Whether you prefer a stretchy wrap or a carrier, wearing your baby is going to be easy and cute. And the kindest thing about them? They donate 10% of purchase profits to women and children in need. We love it!


There is nothing kinder than making great products that are reasonably priced and are helping out the planet by using recycled materials, and that's what makes this one of our kindest brands! They make dishes and utensils in every color of the rainbow, and will give you the flexibility for littles of all ages and stages. I love that they give parents all the things they need to cut back on using disposable dishes when they're out and about--being kind to the mamas who are avoiding spills and kinder to the world using 1 recycled milk jug at a time!


"Sustainable Play the Sustainable Way" is just about the cutest and kindest motto for any business ever! These toys are all about making play fun for our littles while helping them through developmental stages, and still letting them use their little minds and imaginations. Sustainability is at the heart of everything they do, and they use reclaimed rubber woods, are committed to cutting back on their environmental impact, and using safe dyes, pigments, glues, and inks in all their products!

So if you're in the mood to be kind, and also want to support some of our fave brands that make kindness part of their everyday life, then get into The Baby Cubby or visit us online at BabyCubby.com and put a little more kindness out in the world today!

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