I’m A SAHM: 7 Ways I Make the Most of Naptime

I’m A SAHM: 7 Ways I Make the Most of Naptime

My three-year-old is officially done with naps. So I’ve been soaking in my baby girl’s naps extra these past few weeks because before I know it, she’ll be three and done napping too! Since this has been very fresh on my mind, I’ve decided to break down how to make the most out of naptime! Here are seven ways I spend this precious time!

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One-on-one time

Speaking of the newly non-napper in the house... He absolutely LOVES when his baby sister is asleep because that means he often gets mom to himself and the small/messy/non-baby-friendly toys get to make an appearance. I try to give him at least 5-10 minutes of my undivided attention and he soaks up every second.


I love to write, and I also do some other work from home most days, so when one child is sleeping and one is occupied with a TV show or the iPad, I try to get as much done in that time so I can be more present when they’re both awake. I love taking my mind off of my household agenda and getting things done outside of my normal grind. I have found that I’m a happier mom and more productive on the days I spend naptime working.

House chores

Let’s face it, folding laundry and emptying the dishwasher aren’t quite the same when we have a baby on our hip or a toddler eager to “help”. I love getting some chores done while my baby sleeps, and typically listen to a podcast or audiobook while doing so! I especially enjoyed her morning naps in the summer, which is when I’d take my little guy outside to play while I pulled weeds and soaked in some sunshine before the heat of the day!


While it’s all fun and games with me and my two littles piled into the shower all at once, I certainly prefer being in there alone. The water can be warmer, I’m not getting told my yucky hair is attacking someone every few minutes, I can wash my face without fearing I’ll step on a toy or little body, and the shower door typically doesn’t open on its own to bring in gushes of cold air. Yep, I prefer this time to myself if I can help it!


Back in the day when both of my kiddos used to nap at the same time, my decision was an easy one: I slept too! Granted, that was also back when my baby was waking up WAY too often in the night, so I was exhausted and in need of a nap whenever I could get one! But when the opportunity rolls around, do we really even need an excuse to sleep?


I really don’t think there’s anything better than a sleeping child in the other room and a great book in my hand. My heaven is made up of quiet moments and good stories. Add some chocolate into the mix and I’m set for forever.

Absolutely nothing

Not a single thing. Sadly, my phone is the star of the show some of these times. Darn instagram. But other times I sit and relax because there just isn’t any other time to really do nothing.

No matter what we decide to do during naptime, it’s always a hallowed time that we should treasure forever because it all comes to an end way too soon! Speaking of which, got to run – my babe just woke up!

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