I'm A SAHM: How To Be Adventurous (Even If You Aren't)

I'm A SAHM: How To Be Adventurous (Even If You Aren't)

The spirit of adventure is instilled in us all, just in varying amounts. Some of us seek the highest peaks while others enjoy a walk in the park or a trip to somewhere new. As an adult, it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle that life often brings. But when you're a parent (especially to a busy toddler) it is important to let your inner child out to play!

Get Outside!

 Whether you explore a local nature area or strap your little one to your back and take a hike, just get outside! Talk to your child about your surroundings. Ask them what they see, hear and smell. Talk about animals, bugs, plants and dirt! Make your goal to get outside and enjoy nature for as long as you and your child want to. Setting lofty goals in the beginning (such as hiking 3 miles to a certain end point) may end in frustration, especially if you or your child aren't used to doing these types of activities.

Go Somewhere New!

Do some research to find family friendly activities in your area and the surrounding areas. Make a goal to venture out, and try new things in new places. Take advantage of local museums, family fun days, holiday festivals and any local or even out-of-the-way community events!

Take Yourself on a Date!

Yep, you read that right. Ditch the kids and make a date with yourself. Go to your favorite restaurant and order something that's JUST FOR YOU, and take your time eating (like a normal, civilized person who has never had to share food before), or even treat yourself to a movie that you really want to see (and order any candy you want because YOU, my friend, can eat that entire box of cookie dough bites without anyone crying over it). Overall, relax and enjoy the alone time! It might feel weird at first, but that's part of the adventure!

Learn About Outdoor Recreation!

If you want to be more outdoorsy, then what better way than to learn about outdoor recreation? As a hiker, I can tell you there is SO much to learn, but don't let that scare you! Other humans will help you. I'm very sure about that! If you are new to hiking, climbing, biking, skiing, etc. join a local recreation group. Often times, communities have an abundance of recreation enthusiasts that join forces to collaborate and learn together. Another avenue of exploration is good ole Facebook! Try searching for outdoor recreation groups that can assist you in your new adventures. Search your area and other surrounding areas for small starter hikes or nature parks. Let your kiddos back their backpack up too, grab some friends and enjoy learning together!

Open Your Mind!

If you truly want to cultivate the spirit of adventure within yourself, you simply need to open your mind! Look for possibilities and try saying "yes" more often. Be willing to put yourself out there and enjoy the ride! Adventure is out there!

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