I'm a SAHM Just Trying to Get in a Good Workout

I'm a SAHM Just Trying to Get in a Good Workout

Okay mamas, let's talk about working out. First of all, I know that there are plenty of moms out there that do not struggle devoting themselves to getting their booty through a workout. Big, BIG claps for you! Seriously. Before having my baby, and even all the way up to the day before I delivered, I didn't miss more than two days a week at the gym. So, I just assumed that desire and drive would bounce back like I did after baby came. Ha...Ha...HAHAHA. Obviously, it did not. Guess what, my baby is now two years old and the decision is still such a nasty fight sometimes.

At my postpartum check-up, I was given the green light to return to working out. Before my delivery, I thought that as soon as I had the okay, I would be running home to change into workout pants and get to the gym. Well, I did run home and put my workout pants on, but I was quite jiggly in those pants and I took them right back off. In that moment I realized that I needed to change my mindset about who I was, what I was going to do with my physical fitness, and why.

Before baby, I was a competitor in my gym. I always jockeyed for the first finisher position in workouts, lifted the most, and was quite pleased with the way my abs felt. After baby, I wasn't even sure I could feel my abs at all, or use them for that matter. I was self-conscious in a way that I had never been before. So, it now takes some different motivation for me to workout. 

After some struggling, I decided that I had to be content with the fact that for the time being, I was going to be working out just to get in a good workout. Some days, my "good workout" is simply walking to the park at a brisk pace. Some days, my sit-ups are interrupted every ten seconds by a little lady sitting on my chest if I am working out at home. Of course, there are some days when I don't turn my alarm off, and I do get myself to the gym before everyone gets out of bed!

On those days, I do feel like a rockstar--no doubt about it! It took some time to be proud of myself for the small at-home workouts though. What about you? Are you giving yourself enough credit for the small workout victories?

Becoming a mother definitely changes things. Everyone says that, but there is nothing like experiencing it for yourself. Learning to balance all of your necessary things (like physical health) can be quite the balancing act. So, even if you aren't lifting the big weights, or looking like a runway model, you have to give yourself a round of applause for the work you do! Remember, you are just a human mama trying to get a good workout in. You don't have to act like Wonder Woman all the time; we will always know that you are the best kind of superhero!

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