I'm a SAHM: Slowing Down the Holidays

I'm a SAHM: Slowing Down the Holidays

A little bit ago, many of the neighbor kids were having a snowball fight in my backyard. The first snowfall of the season occurred the night before, and once school was out, every kid longed to be outside playing. I can’t count how many posts I saw of kids in their snow clothes, making snow angels, building tiny snowmen, and fully enjoying this new and exciting thing that had happened.

The first few flakes that gradually changed from rain to snow got “rain, rain, go away” sung to them by my little boy who is too young to really remember last season’s snow. As we kept telling him it was snow, the song began to cease, as he understood that it, indeed, was not rain. I wish I had thought to video him waking up yesterday morning and seeing snow on our lawn and driveway. Or take a picture as he tasted snow for the first time. He was in awe at the snow all day long.

A few weeks from now, the snow will still be fun and create adventures, but it won’t have that same magical spark that it had yesterday.

A few months from now, a lot of us will be quite sick of the snow as it has become the norm and the happy memories made yesterday will be long gone.

How sad is it that so many wonderful things in life become mundane and routine as time goes on? How often do we stop and really appreciate all that is going on around us throughout an ordinary day? Being a stay-at-home-mom, days tend to string together and become blurry weeks as we let life wash over us instead of being excited about things that once had us jumping for joy.

Life changes and things evolve, yet we settle so quickly rather than remain motivated, excited, or inspired by certain events. In a lot of ways this is a good thing since us mommas need our sanity, a routine, and balance. But where’s the harm in celebrating just a little longer, or more fully soaking in a new chapter of life before landing at the new norm?

We have become too rushed. It’s a fast world we live in and it is so very easy to get caught up in the speed society has set for us. The few people I know who take the time to “stop and smell the roses” are some of the happiest people I’ve come across. They are able to find joy and fascination in the little things because they have trained themselves to take the time to fully appreciate things for what they are. Not only that, they are able to find joy or gratitude in every single situation. What a powerful thing.

This holiday season, let's all take the time to slow down as much as possible, enjoy more fully what is going on around us, and make the magic that comes each December last just a little bit longer. Happy parenting and happy holidays!

Feature Photo Credit: @penelope878
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