I’m a SAHM: Staying at Home Doesn’t Mean We Have to Stay at Home

I’m a SAHM: Staying at Home Doesn’t Mean We Have to Stay at Home

Perhaps you’re in the stage of parenthood of soccer practices, football games, dance recitals, and preschool drop-offs. The craziest, busiest, live-in-your-car days of raising full on KIDS. Or perhaps you’re more in the same stage as me: with a toddler who doesn’t need to be anywhere besides the occasional six-month check up. Most weeks we are pretty housebound and I don’t enjoy those weeks nearly as much as the busy, errand-filled weeks. If you’re like me, here are a few easy ideas to get you and your little ones out of the house more frequently, to help benefit your sanity and break up your child’s day.


I live in the tiniest little town whose library is shared with the town next door and its hours are 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Not ideal. However, about fifteen minutes away is the most glorious library that is open all day and has the greatest story time complete with snacks for little ones! Though it may often become a hassle to pick up all the books your toddler throws off the shelf, I still believe a library is one of the best places to hang out for an hour or so, especially on the coldest or hottest of days!


Most larger gyms have some sort of childcare service available while you attend classes or run on a treadmill for a time. This is a perfect way to get your workout in while your kids are entertained and mingling with other kids!

Splash Pads

This is obviously just a summer option, but I always prefer a splash pad to a swimming pool (during the week, when it’s just me there to entertain –weekends with dad are a different story). Plenty of splash pads are accompanied with a park or a good stretch of grass for playing. Such a fun combination!


The zoo is a place I don’t mind going on my own to during the day. There’s enough going on to entertain my little man, that I can enjoy myself as well without crazy amounts of chasing or corralling. Simply going on a walk to see the horses or alpacas is always fun too!


I sure hope this is an option most everywhere, even if they’re tiny (like our kid’s museum)! Check your local listings because these never get old! These entail entertainment, education, and lots of fun!


Again, this will depend on the weather, but when in doubt--go to a park! Parks keep your children active, and pass time crazy fast because everyone is having a good time. Bring a friend along and pack a lunch to make a proper outing of it, or simply stop in for a few minutes of play!


Involving your kids in your errands may not always be ideal, but there are SO many things to teach a child when inside a store. Roam the aisles and find fun objects to learn about, let them help you choose colors or flavors or patterns, teach them about money, or create a mini scavenger hunt! Making a fun outing out of shopping, even for groceries, can make all the difference.

Children’s Play Place

Bounce houses or indoor parks are also fun options to take up space in your day! Though not every child is up for the energy level this may require, or even be tall enough to participate in certain activities, this is still a fun option--especially if there are a variety of things to do, including toddler play. Safety first, be sure to follow the rules and stick to age/height requirements and ENJOY!

Hopefully this gave you an idea a few things to plan in your near future. I find it much easier and more fun when I invite another mom and her kids to venture out with us. But I enjoy the days when it’s just us as well! Not only will your kids be thanking you for the variety and different activities, you’ll thank yourself for going the extra mile to make your day fun-filled and creating many more learning opportunities than you would’ve had at home!

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