Indestructibles: Don't Judge the Book, Chew on the Cover

Indestructibles: Don't Judge the Book, Chew on the Cover

Indestructibles books are rip-proof and drool-proof.

They're printed on a unique 100% non-toxic, paper-like material that holds up to anything babies can throw at it. And I mean anything--gnawing, spilling, dragging across the floor, you name it!

How many books can you toss into the washer? Indestructibles can be chewed on, drooled on, and yes, even washed! A little soap and water can make them good as new!

We have a small stash of these in our car, and I never have to worry about my baby slowly ripping the pages out one by one. They're one of our top travel toys, for sure! They are so slim that they can fit basically anywhere, and are great for tossing into the diaper bag. They're also perfect for keeping your little one entertained at restaurants! Spilled drink? Messy hands? Not a problem!

Your baby can explore a rainbow of tasty foods that look good enough to eat! And if they do try to eat them, the books are non-toxic and totally chew-proof.

The bright pictures and few words keep baby engaged and their vocabulary growing.

Introduce your child to this classic nursery rhyme with a book that's built for the way your baby reads.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but it's pretty impressive what Indestructibles can withstand. You'll wish every book was this, well, indestructible!

Check out our latest restock of Indestructibles in store or online at, and grab a few for your baby's Christmas stocking or your next road trip!

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