Innovative Baby Gear: Nuna

Innovative Baby Gear: Nuna

I don't think it's a secret that parents these days want practical baby products without sacrificing style.

Enter Nuna, a now global company that got their start in Amsterdam. Thoughtful design is the backbone of this stellar company, and what drives them to create award-winning products.

From strollers and car seats, to high chairs and play yards, Nuna has reinvented the baby-gear wheel, so to speak. Not only is their gear safe, sleek, and stylish, they are mindful of their manufacturing processes and are committed to creating products with superior quality materials, such as GOTS-certified fabrics and car seats that are free of chemical flame retardants.

After years of installing car seats as a Certified Car Seat Technician, and after personally owning two Nuna car seats - the Pipa and the Rava - I can say that the Nuna car seats are undoubtedly some of my favorites on the market. Obviously, since I have purchased both the infant and convertible seats for myself! Both car seats get high marks for installation; e'/ase of installation means you're less likely to install them incorrectly. This is huge, seeing as how 74 - 90% of car seats are installed incorrectly.

One of the biggest reasons I chose the Rava convertible car seat is specifically for it's Simply Secure installation. In the event that grandparents or anyone else were babysitting my kids, I wanted them to be able to feel confident installing the car seat, allowing me to worry less. And I'm pleased to say that's been the case, thanks to the thoughtful design behind the Nuna car seat installation.

In addition to the Pipa and the Rava, Nuna's playard, the Sena Aire is another personal favorite baby product. Standard play yards are finicky and somewhat counterintuitive. The Sena Aire is an absolute cinch to set up. It doesn't even require both hands! Not only is it great for travel, but it's perfect for in-home use in place of a bassinet, since it comes equipped with an upper cot attachment that's perfect for use with your brand new babe.

All in all, Nuna continues to impress me. They are a force to be reckoned with in the world of baby gear. Every product is packed with clever solutions to parenting woes.

If you'd like to see these products and more in action, stop by our store in American Fork, UT! You can also check out our gear videos on Youtube, or shop online at

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