Introducing New Modern Piggy & Jack & Winn Hats

Introducing New Modern Piggy & Jack & Winn Hats

When my oldest daughter was born, she had very, very blonde hair. So, even when she had quite a bit of it, it never looked like much. And, although it may have been an irrational thought, I was extremely afraid of headbands rubbing off any of the hair she did have. She needed as much as she could get!

Then, I was given a handmade headband that had a nylon band. Hallelujah! What a lifesaver! It never left dents or imprints in her head, and she seemed to be comfortable in it. After being given that headband, I would stop in any store I went to, and look for a headband like it. I never found one. Thanks heavens for Modern Piggy! Made with nylon headbands, they will give your sweetie that soft girly look.

Modern Piggy Mini Piggy Bow Headband - Goldenrod

Modern Piggy Dainty Piggy Bow Headband - Picnic

Now that our family includes three girls, and they all have a LOT of hair, clips are our go-to. They all have those big, side-swept bangs that I'm constantly clipping back, and more importantly, they actually LET me. Again, Modern Piggy to the rescue.

Modern Piggy Hand Tied Bow Clip - Picnic

Modern Piggy Piggy Bow Clip - Picnic

But do you know what's missing in a house full of little ladies? A little man, of course! Because, really, I need to buy all of the Jack and Winn hats that are available. I mean, look at how cute these are. For real.

Jack and Winn Huxley Blue Trucker Hat

How else could I justify buying these hats? Maybe I should put them on my girls, yeah? Well, actually, Jack and Winn makes gorgeous hats for girls! So don't just stop at these hats for your sons! Go grab them for your girls too!

And don't forget, accessories are always in and add just the right element to your little one's outfits. So go out there and grab these cute items for your favorite people!

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