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Introducing New Products from Copper Pearl...Burp Cloths, Bibs, and Blankets, Oh My!

Introducing New Products from Copper Pearl...Burp Cloths, Bibs, and Blankets, Oh My!

We're excited to introduce new products from Copper Pearl! I LOVE that these products from Copper Pearl are created with unique, trendy (not the typical baby patterns), and high-quality fabrics! With all of these great features, you can just tell that they are created for moms (and dads) BY moms!

Copper Pearl Baby Bandana Bibs

As the mom of a little boy, believe me, I KNOW how hard it is to find cute bibs for your little man. Girls have TONS of cute options for bibs (and really ALL kinds of clothes). But unless you want everything your little man wears to have characters on it, it's really hard to find anything cute. Well, these Copper Pearl Baby Bandana Bibs definitely do not fit into that category! And they also have some of the cutest designs for baby girls, too!

Copper Pearl Knit Swaddle Blanket

When our little boy was a tiny baby, I LOVED swaddling him! Nothing seemed to calm him and help him fall (and most importantly, STAY) asleep as well as a comfy swaddle blanket. I was so, so sad when he got too big to be swaddled, so I love that these swaddle blankets are extra big so your baby can use them longer. And I love the cute patterns, breathable fabric, and that they are lightweight, but soft.

Copper Pearl Burp Cloth Set

I LOVE that these burp cloths are JUST as cute as the Copper Pearl bibs and swaddle blankets! Even though they're just used to clean up some of the messiest feeding messes, I always liked having cute burp cloths to use when our kiddo was a tiny baby! And just like all of the other Copper Pearl products, the design of these burp cloths do NOT disappoint! Just like the swaddle blankets, these cute burp cloths are larger than most burp cloths. They are also extremely absorbent thanks to three soft layers: two outer cotton layers, and an inner fleece layer.

Copper Pearl 3 Pack Burp Cloth Set - Whimsy

I love these new products from Copper Pearl! I love that they're cute, comfortable, and functional! And I really love that the designs are much more classy and modern than most baby bibs, blankets, and burp cloths! These cute products are truly something you AND your baby will love!

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