Introducing Nuna's New ZAAZ High Chair and the CUDL Carrier

Introducing Nuna's New ZAAZ High Chair and the CUDL Carrier

As you become a parent you start to notice the things that you really need when raising kids. Sure, there are a bunch of new gadgets coming out these days, but what you and your child need are the everyday essentials. You just need items that will do their job--I mean, that's all we can ask for, right? As you search for certain necessary items, such as a high chair and a carrier, you want to make sure you find ones that are simple to use, will grow with your child, are easy to clean, and, like I mentioned, will do the job while leaving you impressed and in love. Let me tell you why you will be raving about Nuna's New ZAAZ High Chair and the CUDL Clik Carrier.

Nuna ZAAZ High Chair

It goes without saying that high chairs are an essential item to have in your household, and you may think that all it really needs to do is hold your baby. And while that's true, this Nuna high chair has so much more to offer!

The Nuna ZAAZ High Chair comes in three colors: Frost, Oak, and Pine. It's compact frame allows it to slide right up to your dinner table and doesn't take up tons of space in your house. It also grows with your child, transitioning from a high chair to a tray-less seat for your toddler or preschooler.

nuna zaaz high chair

Here are some other features we love:

  • MagneTech Secure Snap to help keep your little one safely seated.
  • Spacious tray helps food stay more on then off the floor (plus it can fit in your dishwasher!)
  • Extended foot rest fits your growing kids' feet.
  • Adjustable lift allows it to change height easily so that no matter the age, your child can join you at the table.
  • One-of-a-kind air foam cushion makes for a comfortable seat.
  • No-crevice design making clean up a breeze.
  • Has a three or five-point removable harness.

nuna zaaz high chair

nuna zaaz high chair removable tray

    Nuna's CUDL Clik Carrier

    There are multiple kinds of baby carriers: fabric ones, ones specifically for hiking, and some only designed for only one facing direction. But what if you could find a versatile baby carrier? Let me tell you about Nuna's new CUDL Clik Carrier! It comes in Denim, Caviar, and Fog, and has some neat features you'll love.


    • Easy and comfortable waistband buckle and adjusts between 24 - 57 inches.
    • Mesh Fabric makes for easy breathability.
    • Breeze cover is self-storing and easily pulls up to protect baby from the elements.
    • Zippered pouch can be easily removed so you can be hands-free.
    • Adjustable front facing leg space to meet customized baby size needs.
    • Allows for 4 carrying positions.
    • Magnetic buckle automatically locks into place, providing ease and safety.
    • Head support can be folded down or up when needed.


    nuna cudl carrier

    nuna CUDL baby carrier

    nuna CUDL baby carrier

    Both Nuna's ZAAZ High Chair and CUDL Clik Carrier will make your life so much easier, which makes for happy parents and happy babies. Add this to your registry and share these items with your friends because I'm here to say that they are game changers!


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