Introducing Rettel Boards

Introducing Rettel Boards

When my husband and I were first dating, we wrote notes to each other ALL the time. Now that we’ve been married for almost ten years, a lot of our “love notes” are sent via text. Ya know, super romantic things like, “Hey, Wifey, I’m going to be working late tonight.” And, “Hey, Hubby, can you grab these few ingredients I need for dinner? Actually, can you just grab dinner on your way home from work?” ;) Of course, since I’m still completely head over heels in love with my guy, I also can’t pass up an opportunity to tell him, or my new, little boyfriend (also known as our son), that I love them.

When I read this on the Rettel Boards “About Us” page, I fell in love: “Communication these days is so convenient, we forget how important it really is. Texts are forgotten, pictures disappear, and calls are ignored. We are slowly dulling ourselves to one of life's richest experiences, meaningful communication. Our products are designed to bring people together. Our goal is simple. We want you to have a little more love, a few more laughs, and a lot more communication with those that matter most.” As convenient as it is to send a text to my husband, I love the idea of using these cute Rettel Boards to write little love notes to my husband and my little boy. These boards are so cute, I could see myself using them in a variety of places in my house, not just in our son’s room or a baby’s nursery! I also love that they are available in multiple sizes and two different colors, so they can be used in different places and to meet different needs.

Rettel Board - The Statement Felted Letter Board - Grey

In addition to writing notes to my boys, these boards would also be perfect to use in monthly or yearly pictures of your kids (adding your child’s age, size, and recent milestones) or back-to-school pictures (adding your child’s age, grade of school, and teacher’s name). I think they would also be perfect for leaving notes for your hubby to read when he volunteers to get up for those late-night dates with your newborn, or for your kiddos to play with as they start learning their ABCs!

No matter what you use them for, you'll be sure to brighten someone's day with your fun messages!

Featured Image PC: @mrs.katiesunshine
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