Introducing Rosie Posie Head Wraps!

Introducing Rosie Posie Head Wraps!

Accessorizing babies (and even older children...if they let you) is one of the greatest parenting pleasures of all time! One accessory I personally can't get enough of are head wraps and bows! Not only do they bring an entire outfit together, but they keep those bald baby heads safe from the elements.

Rosie Posie has created the most adorable turbans, head wraps and bows from soft, unique fabrics, and we are delighted to introduce Rosie Posie into the Baby Cubby inventory!

To give you a glimpse of Rosie Posie's creative styles, here is a peek into what they've created so far.  
 This bold red head wrap bow is a statement piece sure to be noticed everywhere she goes!  
 The unique aztec print on this beautiful babe compliments a variety of colors and outfits!  

 The variety and simple elegance all of these head pieces add to each respective hair type, style and outfit. They are a fantastic way to showcase each girls' personality.

The versatility and overall functionality of Rosie Posie's head wear is enough to make any mama swoon! For those cold fall and winter months, the head wraps and thick bows cover the ears and much of the head, while still remaining stylish! They are also light enough to be comfortably worn while indoors. During the summer months, the head wraps are also a fantastic option to shield sensitive heads from the sun. As you can see, Rosie Posie's creations are simply beautiful on any and all hair types. From fine, barely-there baby hair to thick and curly voluminous hair types--these wraps are for everyone!


Rosie Posie make perfect gifts for soon-to-be moms, or as a 'just because' gift! Who doesn't like to be spoiled, right? These swoon-worthy accessories are the icing on the cake to any mini fashionista's outfit! Head on over to the Baby Cubby website to snag your Rosie Posie head wrap today!

Written by Lindsay Helm
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