Introducing the New ErgoBaby Adapt Carrier!

Introducing the New ErgoBaby Adapt Carrier!

When it comes to baby carrying, every mama wants to make sure she has the most comfortable seat for babe (and her shoulders and back), and preferrably one that doesn't require an engineering degree to figure out. With the Ergobaby Carriers we've all come to love, we know that comfort, high quality, and ease of use come standard. We are so excited that they have been consistently updating and expanding their carriers to make baby carrying easier for every parent! Their newest additionErgoBaby Adapt, has us falling in love all over again!

This carrier works with babes from newborn to toddler (7-45lbs), and no longer requires an infant insert! This carrier can move from front, to back, to side to work with mama's needs, and works for every baby as they grow. They feature the perfect design to make sure baby's legs are kept in the M-shape to decrease the chance of hip dysplasia. The light gray color also works great for boys or girls, and will be the perfect accessory for mom! The lumbar support waist band will make this the most comfortable carrier you will ever use!

ErgoBaby 360

The ErgoBaby 360 is a Baby Cubby fave for the versatility and tons of cute colors and prints. The design offers 4 positions for baby, and will be the perfect carrier for every mama! We also carry the infant inserts if you're trying to get a little carrying in with your tiniest babes.

ErgoBaby Original

If you're interested in one of the classics, the ErgoBaby Original carrier now comes in an adorable Vintage Blue that has us swooning over this carrier. You'll still get the award-winning support and style that you expect with all ErgoBaby carriers!

ErgoBaby Designer Collection

For something a little more stylish, look no further than the ErgoBaby Designer Collection carriers. This beautiful carrier in Lotus will be turning heads wherever you go... Or maybe that's your adorable cargo!

Keep ErgoBaby in mind for all of your carrying needs, and we can promise it'll be love at first carry! XO

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