Introducing the Nuna DEMI Grow!

Introducing the Nuna DEMI Grow!

I just got home from a four-day trip to Disneyland and I’ve decided it’s the unofficial stroller capitol of the world. SO many strollers. While there, I saw a stroller I hadn’t seen before: the Nuna DEMI Grow. I’m not going to lie, the first time I saw the configuration of this double stroller, I was a little skeptical. But the more I’ve seen and researched about this new Nuna product, the more I’ve come to like it!

Nuna DEMI Grow Stroller - Caviar

First of all, this is Nuna’s first ever stroller that can expand to a double stroller! The DEMI Grow comes with the frame, one seat, two sets of car seat adapters for the PIPA series, fenders, and a rain cover! Available for purchase separately are a bassinet, a sibling seat, and a wheeled travel bag.

Nuna DEMI Grow Stroller - Caviar - Rain Cover

My number one favorite part about this stroller is the fact that all seats and bassinets can be used in any position without the use of an adapter! The only reason you would need an adapter would be for use of a car seat. And again, those adapters are included in the original purchase. Pretty sweet.

Nuna DEMI Grow Stroller - Frost - Car Seat Adapters

Okay, now to the incredibly unique feature of this stroller. The location of the second seat! It is a rear-positioned second seat option. It fits a sibling seat as well as a bassinet for a cozy, low-to-the-ground ride that toddlers LOVE.

Nuna DEMI Grow Stroller - Caviar - Second Seat


A super cool (pun intended) feature about this stroller is the seat itself. It is called an all-season seat. This is because its cozy material can be taken off with a simple zip to display a fancy mesh for warmer climates and toasty days. Not only is this a genius and convenient feature, but it looks awesome as well. The seat also has a five-point harness that can be converted to a 3-point harness – perfect for growing kiddos.

Nuna DEMI Grow Stroller - Frost


  • 43.5 inches tall
  • 24 inches deep
  • 39.5 inches from front wheels to handlebar
  • The frame and seat weigh 27.4 pounds

Weight Capacity

  • Main seat: up to 50 lbs
  • Sibling seat: up to 50 lbs
  • Bassinet: birth to 20 lbs

Nuna DEMI Grow Stroller - Caviar

Some important things to note from the numbers above are the fact that this stroller’s maneuverability is outstanding compared to other double strollers. Others have a length of up to 46” and stick out really quite far. But the way this stroller is designed, with the rear-positioned sibling seat, makes pushing your littles a lot less of a hassle.

Another important number is the sibling seat’s weight capacity. Some second seats don’t have the same weight capacity as the main seat, making them unfit for twins or multiple toddlers. But these two seats are equal at 50 pounds, which ends up being very convenient!

Nuna DEMI Grow Stroller - Frost - Second Seat


  • Custom dual suspension – flip up for rough terrain, flip down for smooth surfaces
  • Built-in clear hub caps – protect little ones from dirt and debris
  • One-touch brake – this is located on the rear wheels
  • Swivel-lock front wheels – helps with smooth rides no matter the terrain
  • Fenders – protect from splashes and extend the lifespan of the wheels

Nuna DEMI Grow Stroller - Caviar


Canopies are usually pretty standard and typically overlooked as a unique feature, but not this time. These canopies are equipped with all of the bells and whistles!
  • Option to remove
  • Flip out eyeshade
  • Dream drape
  • Window
  • Mesh peek-a-boo window on top
  • UPF 50+

Nuna DEMI Grow Stroller - Caviar - Canopy

Other fun features:

  • 23 modes of convertibility

Nuna DEMI Grow Stroller - Caviar - Multiple Configurations
  • Stands when folded

Nuna DEMI Grow Stroller - Caviar - Folded
  • One-hand recline
  • Adjustable calf support

Nuna DEMI Grow Stroller - Caviar - Recline
  • Leather height-adjustable handlebar
  • Leather child arm bar
  • Two-compartment basket

Nuna DEMI Grow Stroller - Frost

We are super duper, extremely excited about this stroller!! If this is simply not the stroller for you, check out our stroller buying guide to help you find your perfect fit! If you love this stroller and have any questions, call and ask away! And don’t forget about our Love Your Stroller Guarantee!

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