Introducing the Nuna Diaper Bag!

Introducing the Nuna Diaper Bag!

Are you looking for a sleek and comfortable diaper bag that can easily fit your lifestyle and all your baby must-haves? Well Nuna has designed your new favorite bag and we have all the details!

Nuna Carry It All Diaper Bag

The Nuna Diaper Bag is designed to look amazing no matter how full it is or where you're using it. It has a modern brief case design with a big front flap and zipper compartment with magnetic closure, so it will keep its shape and makes it easy for you to grab your stuff no matter how you're wearing it! This is a great bag to take from being with baby to the office to the airport without feeling out of place-- and it is the perfect bag to share between mama and daddy! With easy-to-clean material and leatherette finishes, this bag looks put together without all the fuss. It keeps all the goods on the inside so you won't need to worry about your snacks spilling out from side pouches. The bag can be grabbed and carried briefcase style with the carrying handle, or crossbody, or the favorite backpack carry. An amazing bonus is the hidden luggage handle which instantly makes this bag a dream for traveling! With leatherette finishes and a padded mesh back, this bag is comfortable without sacrificing style. The bag itself has seven elastic mesh pockets inside to hold all your gear, two bottle straps to keep your drinks in place and from making a mess in the bag, and one zipper pocket. All the material is easy to wipe down to make your life that much easier. There's also a large, cushioned pouch that's big enough to fit a laptop or tablet.
 Nuna Carry It All Diaper Bag

You won't be missing out on the extras either, because the diaper bag comes with an insulated bottle bag that can clip onto the bag for easy grabbing, and a changing pad clutch that unfolds to a large, wipeable pad, and also has enough space to hold your diapers and wipes. It's the little details that make this bag your it bag! 

Nuna set out to create a bag that just "gets it." It's going to be the bag you reach for no matter where you're headed, and makes it easy for you to carry everything you need for baby, or just the essentials, while still looking incredible.

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I wanted to love this bag so much! I bought it because of the sleek design and because I swore it would keep me organized. I was so disappointed. The aesthetics of bag remains as promised – beautiful and sleek. It lacks in space though. The zipper encloses the entry and you find yourself still “looking” for items. I wanted it to be more open. Anyway – I am returning the bag. :-(

Xiomara Delgado

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