Is My Toddler Ready for a Big Kid Bed?

Is My Toddler Ready for a Big Kid Bed?

I don’t ever remember a time I wasn’t in a big girl bed. On the other hand, I remember getting my brother out of his crib well into his talking years. Every child’s time to transition away from a crib is different. So when is the best time to put your toddler in a big kid bed and how do you know? 

Here are four signs that your toddler is ready to transition into a big kid bed!

  1. Your child is consistently crawling and climbing out of their crib. If your toddler is already getting out of their bed on a daily basis, a toddler bed won’t change anything for you and will be much safer for your child to get out of.
  2. Your child is asking for a big kid bed. If your child is mature enough to ask for a bed other than their crib, it's time.
  3. Your child is physically too big for their crib. Stop letting the fear of your child being able to get out of bed prevent you from getting them something more comfortable to sleep in.
  4. They’re potty trained. Your toddler doesn’t need to be fully potty trained to be in a big kid bed, but if they are potty trained it might be a good idea to move them out of the crib so they can get to the bathroom easier in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning.

If your toddler is doesn’t show any of these signs or is content and already has sleeping issues, experts suggest not transitioning them into a toddler bed quite yet. 

So your toddler is ready for a big kid bed! What do you need to do?! 

First thing is to secure their room. This one is a must-do if it isn’t already. Make sure that their room is completely safe and toddler proof. That means plug protectors are in and furniture is secured to the walls. Also, make sure there are not any dangerous items your toddler could have snuck into their room when you weren’t looking (because let’s be honest, it happens).

Toddler sleeping

Next, get a toddler bed. Often nowadays cribs are design to convert into a toddler bed that has a toddler guardrail. If not, here are some things to look for in a bed:

  • Guardrails that’s are tall enough to hold your child in the bed if they roll.
  • The bed is as close to the ground as possible (even consider just putting the mattress on the ground until they get used to it).
  • Unique shapes and designs that could make going to bed more fun.

Getting rid of the crib and jumping into a grownup bed is just another one of those rites of passage that sting at your mama heart. So don’t rush it. And if it is time— try not to cry too much when you see them all grown up and snuggled in their new bed.

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