It's the Small Things - 4 Do's to Keep the Spark Alive

It's the Small Things - 4 Do's to Keep the Spark Alive

Keeping the spark alive can be hard.  Let’s be real.  It’s not all fairytales and butterflies like it was when you were first dating.  Whether you have kids or not, it takes real effort every day to keep that spark.  A lot of people may say that it never lasts, that there is no happily ever after.  Let me tell you that they. are. wrong.  The spark can last!  You just have to choose to keep it alive every single day.  It can be tough, it’s true, but you can do it! I believe in you! To help encourage your sparks, here are a few simple ways to keep the fire burning: Texting Throughout the Day -
  • Maybe he has a big test or project coming up - wish him luck!  
  • Maybe she has been sick and is worried about lasting the entire day - let her know that someone is rooting for her, and maybe even talk about plans for chicken noodle soup, cuddling under a blanket, and going to bed early! (Who wouldn’t love that?!)  
  • Send silly pictures of the kids to get a laugh, or SnapChat silly pictures of yourself!
I don’t know about you, but I love getting little texts throughout my day that let me know that someone is thinking about me - especially my husband!  It’s so simple, and yet it can brighten even the worst of days. Leave Love Notes -
  • Does he take a lunch to work? Slip a note in his lunch before he goes.
  • Does she get up early to get ready for work? Leave a note on the bathroom mirror before you go to bed so she can find it when she gets up.
Love notes don’t always have to be mushy (but those are always nice too :) ).  Sometimes it’s just nice to be appreciated for things you do.  Start noticing the little things your partner does for you and write a thank you love note each and every day! I guarantee that sparks will fly! Food - the Key to the Heart -
  • What easier way to slip a note in a lunch than while making his lunch! Pack his lunch in the morning so he doesn’t have to.  One less thing on his morning to-do list.  My husband is excellent at making my lunch each day. And it is so nice! It gives me an extra 5-10 minutes to get ready. Or sleep in.
  • I’m sure your significant other has a favorite meal, and maybe you don’t care for it.  Take time to make it for them anyways, to let him or her know that you care enough to sacrifice your tastebuds for a night.  But you like the meal too?  Bonus.
  • Make breakfast in bed!  It doesn’t have to be fancy, even just a bowl of cold cereal will do.  The act of preparing and delivering it so she doesn’t have to get up is enough!  But you want to do fancy?  Plan a night in with a favorite dinner and candles.  Nice dress required.
Everyone loves food, especially when they didn’t have to work for it. Pajamas, nice night in, or packed to-go, do what works for you! The Seven Second Kiss -
  • Kiss your spouse for seven whole seconds. Do it.

I have heard it said that a seven second kiss works miracles in a relationship, and I can testify to that.  When life gets busy and kids are everywhere, it can be hard to take time for your own romantic relationship, but like Michelle wrote recently, your marriage should come first.  So I challenge you to try the seven second kiss every day.  Seven seconds is long enough to stir feelings, but not long enough to make it awkward for bystanders. And do it in front of the kids!  Though they may say it’s gross, I betcha that they appreciate knowing that you guys love each other.    There are so many things you can do to light the spark - Natasha gave a few other suggestions recently about making time for your man.  No matter what you do, the important part is to make sure your significant other knows that you love him or her. Now tell us, how do YOU keep the spark?

Love always, Kambria :)

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