Video: Jellycat Plush Products

Video: Jellycat Plush Products

Jellycat toys are the perfect addition to any nursery or play room. These ultra soft, snuggly plush toys suit any child, regardless of age!

The Jellycat brand was started in London in 1999, and they make plush animals and other characters out of really soft, luxurious materials. The name "Jellycat" was thought of by a child who loved jellies and cats and couldn’t help but giggle at the thought of the two together. The silliness of the name was a great reflection of the design, so it stuck!

Jellycat toys are great for any age group, even from birth! They’re constantly creating new designs, from mythical dragons to smiling foods, to regular teddy bears. They're pretty much irresistible—I can testify that the cuteness and softness may cause tears to be shed!

My personal favorite is the Amuseable Egg on Toast. The toast has a gentle bell sound when shaken, and the egg on top has crinkly material inside to engage tiny babies. The attached rings are great for little hands to grip! If we're talking traditional stuffed animals, I really love the Wumper Lamb and the Odell Octopus. Those curly, plush tentacles just make me smile.

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Hop online or head over to the store and pick up one (or a few) of these cute friends today!

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