Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F. Diaper Bag Review!

Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F. Diaper Bag Review!


Are you looking for a durable + easy-to-pack + easy-to-clean + hands free diaper bag???  The Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F. is JUST THAT! ...and guess what!?! It's MACHINE WASHABLE!!! (it needs to be air dried).

 Seriously, I couldn't believe it either.

Let's start from the outside and work our way in....

The outside fabric is a durable + easy to wipe material.

This B.F.F. bag is the Empress...isn't she GORGEOUS?!

I  L.O.V.E.  the gold hardware contrast on the black + white pattern.

I'm a LITTLE obsessed with gold; it's classy and dressy yet simple enough for "everyday-casual" use.

One of my FAVORITE (easy-to-access) pockets is on the top - front of the bag. It's PERFECT for sunglasses or your phone because  it is lined with a soft-protective fabric.

The "Mommy Pocket" is also easy to access. I can fit my LARGE Petunia Pickle Bottom Wallet + phone or sunglasses + keys (it has a stretchy key chain attached) and a few small pockets for small things like hand-sanitizer + chapstick etc.

The lining inside of the bag has Teflon® fabric protector to help repel stains. It also has Agion® treatment protects the liner by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew.

...AND a CRUMB DRAIN...."gasp!!!".

With kids and all the "FUN" stuff that ends up in diaper bags, I think it's a GREAT feature!!!

The bottom of this photo shows the "Picture Pocket" to keep photos handy.

There are oodles of pockets...I LOVE POCKETS and the ENTIRE BAG is easy-to-access!!!

This diaper bag will stay organized - use after use!

There is a good-sized zipper pocket on the front + 2 bottle pockets + 2 inside pockets + 2 MORE zippered pockets + 2 outer bottle pockets + the "mommy pocket" + easy-to-access phone pocket + diaper pad pocket on the back of the diaper bag. That's a lot of pockets!

I mean, check out all the stuff I could fit in the BFF! (not shown: diapers, but they fit beautifully!)

...AND if you are wondering what the SUPER-DUPER-CUTE small bag is, it's the Nena & co. sold in our Lindon, Ut baby store. The swaddle blanket there is the Little Unicorn Cotton Swaddle in Coral.

After packing all of those items in the B.F.F., I still have plenty of room for more.

The Light-Colored Lining makes it easy to see what's inside and not just a big black hole, as you dig to find your favorite lip-stick or your baby's binky.

I love that I can have my hands-free to snuggle this little lady even MORE!

...the back pack straps are comfortable + padded!

They are removable if you don't use them as much as I do!

The BFF comes with a SUPER CUSHY Memory foam changing pad.

This photo shoes the detachable and adjustable messenger strap that features a removable memory foam shoulder pad & can be shortened to tote strap length.

The 2 outer bottle pockets have elastic to keep the bottles in place.

...and P.S. this formula bottle is AMAZING for on-the-go or "night-time feedings".

It's called the Mixie.

Why is it SO amazing???

...just put the formula powder into the patented, airtight compartment. Fill bottle with water. When baby’s hungry, press the button on the bottle bottom and shake while the agitator does the mixing. It’s so easy, and it’s ready in "POP"!!!


...then tighten it to the bottom! ...no separate powder to cart around and no spilling that DANG expensive formula powder when you are on-the-go or at 2am when you can barely open your eyes.

AND yes, we do have one on display in our Utah Store.

This bag is definitely my BFF...I LOVE it.


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Hi, Alex! In our experience they actually look like new for FOREVER, especially since they are machine washable. We love that about their bags!

The Baby Cubby

Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F. Brand is really good, the appearance is beautiful, before used. Want one more


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